Saturday, December 20, 2008


Really.. wanted to say I'm alright, paycut does not affect me a great deal, I'm still fine... shit, they're all lies!

Even while typing in MSN, I got blur..

不用你来Print Screen,我自己来踢爆自己吧 ~.~"
No need you to print screen, I'll expose myself ~.~"

为什么会打到 'my' 那个字眼下去,就连我自己也摸不着。。。只可以用 “糊里糊涂” 来形容吧。。看来为了公平起见,迟些我也要假装糊涂去打错 'my Cath', 'my Cannas', 'my Ah Bo' 之类的东西了。。反正已经冒犯一个,索性就直接冒犯我在槟城所有的 LJMU-TARCian 男生同学们吧。。
Why I typed that 'my' into it, the reason is unknown even to myself... can only use the words "wu lei wu tou @ blur blur" to describe it.. I think to be fair, sooner or later I would have to pretend to be blur again and typo 'my Cath', 'my Cannas', 'my Ah Bo' etc... since I've offended one, might as well just offend all the LJMU-TARCian guys in Penang of my batch..

PS: 多多留意我的部落格吧,我看,除了打错字,也许我还会蒙查查地干出些超糊涂,超低能的 “勾当” 来。。放心,如果真的发生这些事情,我一定会第一时间揭发我自己的恶性来让大家鄙视@唾骂的。。因为,我就是喜欢自己受难。。呵呵,我就是 “酱” 变态的了。。
PS: Stay tuned to my blog, I think besides typo, maybe I would, in the state of mongchacha-ness, do some ultra blur, ultra dai-b "stuff" out.. don't worry, if these things really happen, I would expose my evil deeds myself in the 1st place so that everyone can pei si @ scold me.. because, I love to get into trouble.. hehe, I am that crazy...


Anonymous said...

haha... 也许在早餐时讲的一切都是真的... 只不够你自己也不懂吧了... hehe


RealGunners said...

jangan la wei ~.~" 水洗都唔清...