Saturday, December 20, 2008


Time to revert to writing back in English again... the previous 2 posts, am still thinking if I wanna translate them... if I do, I will just edit on the respective posts and then leave a note in my Short Talk column...
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Referring to my title, it is easy to imply either 1 of the 2 things:
1) I work for Motorola, and I'm in their photography club or team or something,
2) I bought myself a new Motorola handphone.


The title above actually implies that, I use a Motorola handphone, a V3x to be exact.. and I use it to take photos of things I feel like taking photos of...

V3x is a great phone by the way.. peng leng jeng 平靓正 @ cheap nice great! I remember I bought it on last years Chinese New Year for around RM700+.. a 3G + 2-Megapix camera phone for below RM800.. now that's what you call a bargain!

Ok, back to topic...

I was doing some re-organising on my phone when I discovered some photos that I've taken for the past month or so... decided to post them up here...

Event #1

Remember I wrote about things I like to do when being alone? Driving is 1 of them.. I like driving in a mix of town roads, mountain passes and straight highways.. just for the fun of everything: focus on the road in front of you and forget about everything else, train your driving skills, and feel the adrenaline of depressing the gas pedal like mad once in a while...

Well, it was on 1 of those occasions when I expected everything to be fine when shits like these below happen...



And this!

Man this totally sucked! I ended up coming back feeling much worse than when I left.. Shit! ~.~"

Event #2

This was like 2 weeks ago, on a weekday weeknight... Both my housemates decided to pay the dentist a visit to do something on their teeth...

I tagged along, because I have 1 tooth that was quarter broken due to cavity@蛀牙 and I wanted to get a filling for it...

Took this photo when How Chen was dealing with being dealt with by the dentist..

Peggy with her white yellow teeth

Peggy said her teeth is naturally yellow, even if we take 1 tooth out from her mouth and cut it cross-sect it, the whole thing would be yellow.. that's why it would appear as if the dentist is not doing the teeth wash@洗牙 job properly... and that's why I felt like taking a photo of her teeth... hehehehe :-D

Consecutive posts on Peggy... some people would start thinking up something weird again... haih... she is my housemate la wei! With boyfriend of course! Please don't think something weird thank you ~.~"

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