Wednesday, December 24, 2008

缺钱@PBIM Fun Run

Let's begin with...

In response to a certain post, actually a certain comment on that certain post to be exact

Hahaha okay, it's been a long long.. long long long while since I last made a picturish post. In fact, I think I didn't after I completed my UK/Europe/London posts...

Well, I'm gonna do one today, thanks to my lenglui housemate Peggy who took loads of photos for this event and is kind enough to share with all of us..
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Into topic.. what am I doing with Cath in that outfit? Well, this event actually happened last month, Sunday November 16th 2008 to be exact.. ladies and gentlemen, it's the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008!! Well this PBIM is actually an annual event by the way..

No! I didn't participate in the 42km Full Marathon category. They have the 21km Half Marathon and the 10km Fun Run as well, and we just took part in the fun run ~.~"

Even 'ahpek' also take part! Dun 'pray pray' ah!

Full Marathon starts at 3.00am, Half Marathon 4.00am, starting point in front of Queensbay Mall..

Us Fun Run noobs, starts in front of Pulau Jerejak jetty..

This is me at the starting point, act cool

At 5.30am sharp, off we go!!

Look at the crowds

It's ridiculously huge, the crowd, I tell you.. if u were staying in any 1 of the high rise condo nearby, I bet all you can see that morning would be a sea of orange! Unsuspecting people might be wondering if it's another 'illegal' gathering organized by opposition parties ~.~"

Nice view of Jelutong Expressway on our run

Let's be honest, the only reason we took part in this run is not because of health reasons. It's just that, the run takes us on to the Penang Bridge.

Maybe you don't understand the significance of this.. to make it straightforward, let's just say, it is almost the only opportunity we can get to get onto the bridge by foot and take photos at our own leisure!

You don't stop your car on the bridge side during normal hours as it is a 2 lane, congested 24hrs a day kind of bridge!

More scenes on our way..

Runners is more or less the same with cars hehehe

This is us on the bridge already

That's Phaik Geok, me and Cath. Phaik Geok is Peggy's buddy at work, and the 4 of us ran together for most of the time..

Peggy doesn't appear much on this post, because she is the one holding the camera.. she does take quite a number of candid shots though.. an example being the few below, which were taken when we reached the halfway point of our run, near the middle of the bridge..

You see, all along the bridge, there's actually many spots where you can climb across to the other side and run back to the finishing point, pretending that you have run the full 10km course, so what the organisers do is that, at the halfway U-turn point, they have officials distributing coloured wristbands to differentiate the genuine finishers and the fakers..

This is us getting the wristbands, no one noticed Peggy taking pictures

Phaik Geok noticed 1st

Cath also noticed already

Me? I just noticed it when Peggy showed me the photos yesterday ~.~"

Hah, here's Peggy.. us with the wristbands

U-turn point for Quarter Marathon & Fun Run category
Quarter Marathon is to classify those 10km runners aged below 12 or 15 years old, I forgot which..

Donno why I suddenly laugh so happily

It must've been due to the idea that I've at least completed half of the 10km, hahaha..

Woohoo! Look at the.. the.. triangular shaped tiang-tiang at the middle of the bridge!

10km was not really that tough for us.. we half run, half walked, and still managed to reach the finishing point ahead of the time limit... but that's not the case for some people...

Clockwise from top left:

1. People who gave up and waited for the 'sweeper bus' at the road side.
2. People who did not want to, but forced to give up and sit at the road side.
3. People who cannot manage to even think about giving up due to excessive pain, just collapse at the road side.
4. First aid personnels on standby along the course.

It was not tough, but it sure was tiring... the last 400 meters were really a huge psychological boost for us.. so much of a boost that we forgot our sorry state of body and began taking photos every 100 meters..

400m to GO! Way to go! Powerpuff Girls!

300m to GO!

The angle is quite misleading, it seems like I am doing something weird to Cath ~.~"



There! Finishing point within sight!!

Finishing point for Fun Run is the same as Full and Half Marathon, which is in front of Queensbay Mall...

Upon crossing the finishing line,

There's some kids distributing certificates to us,

The finishers!

Me with my cert, tough morning workout, phew ~.~"

Group photo with the Half Marathon-ers

The 2 Half Marathon-ers in picture, How Chen and Chin Tuan. How Chen is Peggy's boyfriend, I think most of you should know, he's mentioned quite a number of times in my blog already. Chin Tuan is a colleague of Peggy and Phaik Geok..

Eh? Peggy got medal??

Medals are only for Half and Full Marathon finishers. Peggy is just pretending to be a Half Marathon-er posing with the boyfriend's medal..

Even Africans are participating

And as usual, things like this, usually is won by the Africans.. but it's good though, it just proves that there's actually people who know about this tiny island in Malaysia... hehehe..

That's all for this post... long time no write so long d.. song!!


AsX said...

Hey, now you have more of Cath's photos in a single blog and in different angles somemore!

But for the first photo, mine is still the best... hiak hiak hiak... guess where is my left hand. :P *dunno Cath will ask me to remove this comment of not*

RealGunners said...

your left hand is on the chair?? your right hand, can't see it.. don't tell me u are using it to squeeze her sifatt? :S

AsX said...

Gee, i have problem with left and right, yeah yeah, right hand. it's somewhere there clinging onto her :p...