Wednesday, January 07, 2009

缺钱@ABC v2

In this season of financial uncertainty, the more you can save, the wiser it would seem to be. And what better way to save than to cook at home instead of eating out?

To tally with point #3 of my resolution, as well as tally with my big mouth in front of my housemates, I decided to hit to the kitchens again yesterday. Was supposed to blog about this immediately after eating, but I got too tired that after uploading the photos, I went straight to bed. In fact, I even forgot that I was supposed to go back to office at night to tie up some loose ends.

Ingredients for the main kick

Yeah, main kick of the day, ABC Soup... again. But it's not the same as the previous one, in between, I went back to KL, got some tips from my mom, and supposed to have powered up.

The trick is actually.. the way to cut all the ingredients, into a pattern that I shall not reveal because it's a family secret, *ngek ngek ngek*. Since it's different, I shall name it ABC Soup version 2, or ABC v2 in short.

The soup, halfway into the dinner

I'm sorry for not taking a nice photo of it, I was just too pre-occupied with preparing and cooking and eating after that. Actually it was my housemates who reminded me to take the photos -.-".

The taste was not as rich as v1, it was just almost there, but 1 thing to take note of: I used just half as much ingredients in v2 than I did in v1, so in an economic point of view, it is a major improvement, again tally with point #3 as mentioned above.

I did 2 more dishes, Fried Sausage with Egg and Cabbage with Carrot and Shrimps.

Fried Sausage with Egg

The sausages were a complete 85% disaster. I was on small fire on the stove, I poured all the thinly cut sausages into the pan, and within 10 seconds, they transformed into something similar to 肉干 bak gua @ dried meat. PS dried meat is the term, it's actually more like marinated meat barbequed till tough.

Cabbage with Carrot and Shrimps

The cabbage and carrot were successes, but the shrimps turned into 虾米har mai @ dried shrimps upon serving -.-". Please forgive me, it is the 1st time I attempted the 2 dishes.

I think, the next time I cook, I'll do the Ah Leong @ Liverpool Specialty: 古捞肉Ku Lou Yoke@Spicy and Sour Meat. Definitely won't screw up if I do that. PS Actually it's not my specialty la, I learned it when I visited Mun in Wolverhampton back then.

But that's not a declaration or promise lah, just thinking. That dish requires mammoth effort, especially with the kitchen here not even half as big and well equipped as the one in Marybone Phase 1 Flat 44. Maybe during the weekends, maybe after we moved to our new house. Me and my housemates are supposed to move out latest 6 months from now.

Back to the present...

The soup is really nice la... isn't it?? Those who know Cannas and Bing... clarify for me please, will you both? Nice kan??


AsX said...

Oh my god, no wonder i dun see Cannas online in MSN today.... She must have been poisoned! Why Gunner why?

RealGunners said...

she no online bcz she dowan to choi u..

Belle said...

too much carrots!!!!!!! yuck!! using those mushroom damn expensive. its not economical at all fella. PINK PIG

RealGunners said...

carrot RM1.70 1 pack, used half = RM0.85; potato 3 biji rm0.60; tomato rm0.70; mushroom rm5.90; chicken, pork bones and bawang is my housemates' family give 1.. rm8 to make a soup for 5, ok ma.. not cheap meh?