Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chinese New Year Snacks

I'm really doing this because someone is trying to distract me from thinking about sad things.

I'm being offered reward of flesh kuih in return of doing this advertorial, hehe :-)
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Okay, so.. Chinese New Year is fast approaching, ya? And what will Chinese New Year be if there's no snacks at home during the festive season? What will you serve guests who will come visit you at home?

Screw the economic downturn, we all need to celebrate, and we all need our kuih, right? At least, I'd need them. I'd rather die if I don't get my fair share of festive junk food, to be honest.

And you see, this friend of mine here, her mom sells all sorts of Chinese New Year delicacy at reasonable prices. I've tasted most of them beforehand, so I can tell you, they're really good. Maybe I should say, they come from Penang, since most of you guys have a thing for Penang food hehehe =)

I'll just give you guys the photos of the kuihs available...

Rice cracker, and Sesame cracker which they call mua lao

Peanut cookies

Ribbon crackers

They told me is called ciku.. I think in KL we call it nga gu chips

Bee Hives!! RECOMMENDED!!!

This 1 is absolutely mind blowing! Bee Hives in KL used to taste like this one, until the recent few years where they started to taste weird and awful. If you share my sentiments and miss the Bee Hives of few years back, then this one is absolutely awesome! I got a tin last year and they were gone within minutes!

Kuih Bangkit... some call it kuih bangkek.. melts in the mouth..

Pineapple tarts

Almond cookies (RECOMMENDED by my friend herself)

Green bean cookies

Muruku (RECOMMENDED by my friend herself too)

Wait a minute... I thought muruku is an Anneh delicacy? Nevermind...


Wtf?! Milo?? Of course... not... It's just something that is usually stored inside used Milo tins. Kuih Kapit, some call it Kuih Kapet or Kuih Kapek, my grandma calls in Kuih Tapet =.=" But this 1 also absolutely blows you out of the water! I don't have the picture of it here, but I'm sure you guys know what I'm saying about, right?

Price list:

Rice cracker/Mua Lao - RM3/pack
Peanut cookies - RM14
Ribbon crackers - RM13
Ciku - RM12
Bee Hive - RM14
Kuih Bangkit - RM14
Pineapple tarts - RM17
Almond cookies - RM17
Green bean cookies - RM17
Muruku - RM15
Kuih Kapit - RM18

How to order:

Since my friend wants to remain low profile, you can just drop me a message if u really wanna buy, and I'll pass it on to her. By the way, delivery is only available in Penang. KL is fine, if you can wait till next Saturday 24th Jan 2009, because I'll only be heading back on that day and I'll do the delivery. The format of your message should be as below:

Contact No:
Type of snack/quantity:

As for methods of contact, you can leave it in the Comment section here, or drop me an email at I will get back to you ASAP =)
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You see, I don't really expect to see any orders coming in like this, because I don't have Kenny Sia's fehmes-dom, but if something really comes by, I'd be pleasantly surprised, so I'll keep checking my email and comments at least a few times daily wahahahaha XD

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