Sunday, January 25, 2009

牛劲@CNY Eve

I don't know why I'm doing this @ blog, I suppose it's because I have nothing better to do on CNY Eve.

Just updated my short message column, and removed some links from my blog roll that I no longer follow due to lack of updates/not same wavelength.

Had our reunion dinner at a restaurant near my house earlier.. it's been quite some while since we last ate out for reunion dinner. It wasn't a good experience this time round. The food was ill prepared, overpriced, and the service... well, u know, we took those set package, something like what we get during wedding dinners... we paid the price of the package, of course we expect the dishes to be served 1 by 1.. but they serve the dishes together, very quickly, much too quick for our comfort. It was as if we were rushed to finish our meal and get the hell out of the restaurant.. Gah!! Don't wanna talk about it anymore.. 1 word: SHUCKS!

Ah.. 1 more thing.. changed my title theme again. I figured it would be better to do away with negative themes.. 缺钱 que qian = Lack of money.. replace it with 牛劲 niu jing = bullish.. we all probably need that...

I don't know how my CNY will turn out this year. I'd still spend quality time with family, maybe take a day or 2 to hang out with friends, hope they'd be good. I know I'll be missing her like mad.. in fact, I already am...

Hope you guys will have a much more happening and memorable CNY~

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AsX said...

Yo! Your CNY would at least be better than mine. I am still having lunchbox (or dinner box) on CNY Eve. Why am I going KL? Go check out my entry on "The Meaning of Chinese New Year For Me".

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year, dude! Hope you'll find happiness in this occasion.

But, gee, is it me or wat: this CNY just fill my mind with mixed disturbing thought (胡思乱想), seems same as you. I guess we could blame on our horoscope?