Thursday, January 22, 2009

缺钱@I'm sorry...

I'm sorry that I've been updating what probably seems crap to many of you people. The thing is, I actually am not treating those posts as updates for the viewing public. It's more like a message, a vent of frustration to someone who I will never be able to meet, or even talk to, anymore.

I'm sorry to all the bananas and potatoes that read my blog, I totally have no intention to translate the recent few posts into English. Like I said, these are primarily meant as messages to a special someone, who is no longer around.

I'm sorry that I'll probably make posts such as these quite frequently from now on, because I really cannot find any other better means to vent out my sadness and frustration. If you don't like it, just ignore these posts, or ignore my blog altogether. I wouldn't mind it.

I'm sorry that I'm really not in the mood to make very many meaningful posts, and I highly suspect that I wont be in quite some while. I've been going through quite alot lately, and I really find it hard to cope with all of them coming in 1 shot. I'll need all the time I can have to get my bearings right and come to terms with what's hit me.

I'm sorry that I get into mood swings and mental seclusions much more frequently now that I did previously. I believe the main thing that hit me hard, is something that I have to face all by my own. I don't think anyone around me would be able to understand what I'm going through, and I certainly hope that nobody would, because if anyone understands, it means he/she has been through this situation before and that's very unfortunate.

I'm sorry that I've off-ed the comments for this previous few posts, and I'll off them too when I make this type of posts in the future. I don't want my messages to Elene be commented.

I'm sorry that nobody knows who Elene is, and I'm not gonna disclose more about who she is, apart from the fact that she is in fact the person in this previous few posts. Just figure it out yourselves, it's pretty obvious actually if you read and use your analytical skills.

Financial downturn and psychological downturn happening together, that's pretty tough don't you think. Will try to emerge from them a stronger person. Until then, once again, I'm sorry....


AsX said...

Hmmm, 8 sorries, not bad. Since when i ever say that much sorries...emm ya .. a few days ago.

Anyway, since when i become banana and potato?

RealGunners said...

not u la pakker..