Friday, January 02, 2009

缺钱@Lousy Declaration

Seems like eating our words is the trend nowadays, even for me...

After declaring on Wednesday that I'm going to be an otaku for this week, below are the results:

Wednesday : Drove 50km to somewhere called Pokok Asam to send a good friend back home, and then another 50km back. This Pokok Asam place is supposed to be on the borders of Penang mainland and Kedah.

Thursday : Went to AEON Seberang Perai City to check some things out, then went to Cath's house to have some unlimited free food. Thanks auntie!

Friday (today) : Went breakfast with Cannas and Bing at Kampung Jawa, then went to town with Bing to attempt to check if my SLK can be fitted with rear seatbelts, then went to Prangin Mall to help Bing look for external hard disk. End up, I am the one who drew 1st blood!

Please, notebook cooler pad is not similar to sanitary pad =.="

If you are a HP user, this thing will be useful, because HPs tend to overheat quickly..

And trust me, you don't want that to happen, because changing a HP original heat sink will cost you RM190 hardware and RM95 labour cost for troubleshooting..

This baby is just RM15 (the salesman said RM10 in PC Fair) and it comes with nice blue LED lights...

Anyway, the point is, after my declaration of otakuism, I went out in the 3 consecutive days. And things would probably not get any better because tomorrow, I'm going out jogging in the morning, and will go and do a pick up at Sg Nibong Bus Terminal in the afternoon...

And next Monday, work resumes... let's see if Sunday will be any better in terms of sticking my butt at home all day...

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