Thursday, January 01, 2009

缺钱@New Year Resolution?

It's a brand new year already, and in this supposingly auspicious Year of the Bull, my new year resolution would be upgraded from 2.0 Megapixel to 10.1 Megapixel in the form of Canon Digital Rebel XS...

. . . . . .

Sorry, not funny, I know.. seems like I'm already deeply infected by this paycutitis syndrome..

Wait.. the spelling seems kinda weird.. maybe paycut-itis paycutyourtits is a much more appropriate spelling..

Okay okay.. enough...

So.. yeah it's finally 2009 already! Yay!!! Hooray!!!!! Bansai!!!!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry mates, as much as I would like to arouse myself, the mood just isn't there. I'm still anxious as of what 2009 has to offer in terms of economic revival. Everywhere I read, it's more or less something that sounds like this: 2009 is expected to be much more uncertain than 2008. We should be able to see the real deal after Chinese New Year.

Anyway, having some plans is much better than no plans at all, right? Well if you have no plans, at least have some ideas on what you wanna do for the year.. it's gonna be good for you... trust me..

So I'll just list out things that I intend to fulfil in this Year of the Bullsh*t:

1. Hang on to my job - wait a minute... do you think this is not a plan? Mind you, in turbulent times such as this, it's easier for people (read manager) to notice your weaknesses and dispose of you.. I intend to do everything right and not give me' boss any reasons to show me the boot. Like what me' boss' boss said: "In a downturn, paycut 10%, effort increase 10%"

2. Clean up all my financial shits - I can't help but say it again.. being jobless really sucks! I've been without income for about 4 months, and about 4 months into re-employment, there's still some mess to be cleaned up with the bank. Am just gonna be vague about this point and keep it to myself..

3. Savings/Invest - This thing can only come after point number 2 is settled. Seriously, we all need savings. One can never tell when there is an emergency situation just around the corner. Having a buffer of say, at least money enough for a few months of survival is essential. However, since many indicators are pointing to the market rebounding in the 2nd half of the year, if I manage to save up, I think I'll use a big chunk of it for stocks.

4. Cashout from Nuffnang for the 1st time - I'm almost there for the minimum cashout amount, but.. don't think there's any idiot out there who does it at the RM50 level. RM50 is so small today that you can't really do anything significant with it. I'd do it when the amount accumulated is good enough to.. say.. throw a makan feast for all my friends who helped me re-ignite my blogging desire.

5. Turn from Fat Buu into Kid Buu - If you don't follow Dragon Ball, then just refer to the picture below:

Actually, I'm just referring to the size, not personality of that 2 Buus. I've been cutting down on snacks, I've bought myself a badminton racket, I've identified a good spot for jogging, I've signed up for access to my company's Gym so.. hopefully everything will work out fine. Furthermore, paycut is another boost for me to reduce unnecessary food consumption.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I'll also list a couple of things that was in plan for this year, but has become uncertain due to circumstances:

1. Buy a new car - Initially, the plan was to get myself a new car after settling down to my new job here in Penang. It was gonna be a choice between the 2 models below:

But... don't think I will be looking into them anymore this year, maybe next or next next year when normal pay resumes.. well actually, it all depends on how well my SLK can last with my travels between KL and Penang around once every 2 months.

Tada, my SLK = Sexy Little Kancil

Having a car is a necessity for hanging around in Penang.. be it for work, for going to town in weekends, for fetching and sending girls around... so if 1 day my SLK decides that enough is enough, then only I'll be forced to look into alternatives...

2. Get a girlfriend - Being in my current financial predicament means that if I get myself a girl, whoever it may be, would be disaster both for her and for me. You see, I'm 1 of those "大男人 dai nam yan @ big man" kind of guy and if we go dating, I would wanna foot all the bills, I would wanna bring her to nice places, buy her nice things, bring her on nice trips, etc. Doing that would render my resolution #2 and #3 above unattainable, and when I get into deeper shit, naturally it would impact the girl. So... lonely as I am, girlfriend would have to wait and, hello to being single and lonely once more for year 2009!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I'm getting kinda tired.. and I think that's about it... Let's see where I'll be in terms of fulfilling what I mentioned exactly 1 year from now...


AsX said...

Hey, how come everyone suddenly doing a new year resolution thingy. Hopefully it is because of me... ho ho ho... *die wan face*

RealGunners said...

i've been drafting this since morning la =.=