Thursday, January 15, 2009


Was thinking of commenting on a certain blog post, but I figured that it would be too long so I decided to do it here, and I'm pretty sure the relevant person would find his way here sooner or later.

I'm not really in a wonderful state of mind myself at the moment, to be honest, but I think I'm good enough to be able to offer my opinion. So, below is actually what I intended to comment:
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You see friend, when it comes to sports, some of us just don't have the talent. This talent thing comes naturally, so no matter how hard we try, some of us are just destined to be fringe players, on the substitute bench, playing the supporting role while watching, in volleyball's case, the spikers at work.

Some of us can accept that fact, and they are totally fine with being out of the limelights, they understand that in the competitive environment, emotions tend to get high, scoldings don't really have any malicious intentions, and when you sucks, it's natural that you are avoided as much as possible, since the team wants to win the game.

When this happens, you either can accept it, or you don't. I don't know any volleyball superstars name, so I'll use Manchester United for example. You see Darren Fletcher. He'll never be an automatic 1st choice with the Red Devils. His only hope in getting games are when there are major injury problems. There was David Beckham, then Becks is gone, and he's still not gonna get his big break, because in comes Cristiano Ronaldo.

But he's persevered. He loves his game, and he loves his club, so even if it means spending a prolonged time on the bench, out of the starting 11, he'd gladly cheer his team on. After all, not everyone is born with talent like Ronaldo, he just doesn't.

If you can't accept it, you'd be like Becks. Things got bad, and he just moved on, to Real Madrid, and then to LA Galaxy when Madrid proves to be not that great a place to be as well. Or you can be like Michael Jordan, quits the basketball game he loves so much to go play baseball and golf. Some people are probably like that. You love your game so much that you can't stand to be playing reserved roles.

But, either you accept or don't accept that you just don't have that X-factor to be a star in the game, the worst thing you can do is refusing to back off and trying to force the issue. There are people like Kieran Richardson or even David Bentley the ex-Arsenal man, who I don't know if anyone realised before, were always sent out on loans of 1 season, then came back in the summer and vowed to stay and fight for their places, and in no time got loaned out again, until they finally decided that enough is enough and moved on. Once they moved on, Richardson is now doing quite well with Sunderland, Bentley did well with Blackburn and is a strong candidate for the England team.

So you see, sometimes going with the flow is so much better than trying to cling on and force the issue. It makes life easier for all parties, and it allows you to find the thing that is really the right thing for you. For your case, either you can continue to love the game by being the fringe player that you are or watch it by the side if you really feel isolated, or you can just pay more attention to gym.

As for me, well I like watching volleyball, either on TV or on the sidelines, because there's lots of hot chicks playing it whenever I watch the Olympics or state meets. But I don't play it, I prefer football and basketball, so I can't really comment on the technical skills :-)

Anyway, that's life la friend, get on with it...


AsX said...

Yo dude, pretty good advise and with examples attached some more. Still weighing on my options, more likely i will move on.... let's see how it goes...

RealGunners said...

actually, u can play tennis or basketball too.. it's just next to the volleyball court if i'm not mistaken, then u can watch your favourite sport being played while being active in another sport :-)