Saturday, January 24, 2009


I left my place @ I Suria 6.00am yesterday morning.. crossed the bridge and entered the PLUS highway about 6.30am.. and all the way back to KL, we saw this:

It's like that almost all the way back to KL, even when we reached the Jalan Duta toll, the cars queuing up looked 10 times worse than the normal Penang Bridge toll during peak hours.

It felt like those scenes in the movies, you know, where something happened eg terrorist attack/monster rampaging, and everyone is evacuating the city, and then there's an idiot @k@ superhero who is going in the opposite direction, into the heart of action. While driving the distance, it felt like I was the superhero, hahahaha XD

You know, for once, it felt good to be a KLite plying his trade in Penang, and not a Penangite slogging in out in KL. On a few occasions, I did the noble thing of waving to the opposite direction, trying to cheer them on in their ordeal of being stuck in traffic.

Happy Chinese 牛(Cow) Year everyone~!!!


AsX said...

Gee, you are a good person, i mean the cheering thing. I was laughing all the way...

RealGunners said...

u were driving down too?

AsX said...

Yup, heading Genting for my new year, meeting up with my family. I guess I will be laughing my way on the traffic when driving up to Penang again!