Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm contemplating on doing something, like I said, contemplating, not sure yet..

I actually spontaneously came up with this idea while going out for another drive drive session just now, who knows I might spontaneously feel otherwise tomorrow morning..

I don't know if I will have time to do that or not, but if I really decide to do that, I'll try to squeeze time for it...

It would be some sort of a measure to confront my inner struggles, face to face, I might come out on top and become stronger, or I might drown from it and end up in Arkham Asylum...

Anyway, I suppose it would make a couple of good reads if on so, stay tuned...


帶走傷感 帶不走哭得轉紅了的燈
記憶隨身 延續欠妳的戲份
帶走開心 卻帶不走拖手時的體溫
未了質感 留在臉上還未吻

帶走身影 帶不走裝飾妳瞳孔的星
放手無聲 沉默也等於約定
帶走心境 卻帶不走分手時的風景
雲過天青 忘掉我們曾盡興

給一分鐘我靜靜回味 將一生一世翻天覆地
明日已被今天處死 淚存在原為反映天理
這一分鐘我站在何地 怎麼竟跟妳活在一起
原是鏡中花 留在鏡中死

當這一雙腳慢慢離地 拈不走一瞬羨慕妒忌
誰又記得起 誰被我歡喜
誰又帶得走 一塊紀念碑

The heat is still very much fiery, but sooner or later, it will go out... and after that,

All that's left is just to breathe, that's all, nothing else...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


DI DA DI 听天空在哭泣
洗掉了一些梦 埋藏在城市里
DI DA DI 听时间往前去
好像在预报着 凄美的爱情剧

一封信 一本旧的笔记簿
谁是谁的纪念品 拿什么来回忆
一场雨 狠狠下在眼睛里
爱在生老病死后 已经都没关系

问自己 没有妳我行不行
显微镜里看爱情 残酷的放大所有爱的原因

遇见妳 之后爱上妳 然后恨透妳
亲爱的 让我忘记妳
那些事情 我真该看仔细

深夜里 地铁站飘着雨
我看着马路边 另一对我和妳

牛劲@Healthy Dinner

The past 3 days has probably been the highest pressure days of my life in the company.

Yeah I'm always involved with unwelcome terms like Tester Downtime and Potential Shipment Impact.

Now I've got my 1st experience on dealing directly with a much nastier term, Shipment Hold.

No point going into the technical details, main thing is, I've been working like worse than shit and having sleepless nights for the past 3 days.

Today, the toughest part is finally resolved, and I can breath a huge sigh of relief because I would be able to proceed with plan and go back to KL this weekend.

To celebrate that, I decided to have a healthy dinner today..

Boiled lettuce with few drops of soy sauce,

And oats with lecithin, yeast and something else (known collectively as 三宝) in almond powder.

Let's hope that tomorrow and Friday holds no unpleasant surprise for me...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


T&S stands for: Tulan & Speechless...

Why T&S? Allow me to go story-telling again...

You see, I have been trimming my MSN contact list of unnecessary people all the while. Unnecessary people for me here means, those people that I add into my list, that when I tried chatting with them, either don't respond, or respond with "eh brb/eh busy now/eh gtg, chat next time" kind of stuff...

You know, once, twice, thrice, a few more times and you just know you won't be chatting with these people. Anyway, you still give them some chance and kind of leave them in the contact list hoping they might initiate chat some time later. Weeks.. maybe months later, you realized it's not going to happen. So? Delete from contact list la! Buang tempat saja ma!

I've deleted about 10 people from my list lately *mostly girls* when, a few days after I deleted them, 1 by 1 they initiate chat with me... The conversations were all more or less like this:

Girl: Hey! How are you! How come you so long no msg me? Dowan choi me d??
Me : Err.. no la, I got msg u, but u alwiz no response or brb, then I give up, wait u msg me ma.
Girl: Yameh? Aiyo I busy ma, you can keep msg me 1 ma
*Me proceeds to add her back into my list*
*. . . . . .*
Girl: Why u add me now? You deleted me ah??!!
Me : Err... u no choi me, I thought u dowan friend me, I mai delete lo/Err... I wanna delete someone, accidentally ter-deleted u =.="
Girl: Why, u!! Hhmmmppphh!!! Fine!!! Dowan choi u d!!!

Like... so... speechless right? I wonder.. if they have this program that triggers when someone deletes them from the list.. Like.. come on la wei! You were never chatting with me one what?? Just let me delete u la! Why dun choi me when I msg u, then msg me with these shit after I delete u??

Haihzz... tulan anot la, u say... speechless anot la...

Saturday, February 21, 2009



只不过,今天早上,陪了一班朋友们去看些 bungalow show houses。看到一些布置得让人眼前一亮的屋子,难免会想起妳吧。如果可以的话... 不过现在根本就连如果都没有了。

其实大致上... 是有不错的感觉啦,却也没有让我感觉到有太大的"哇"点。但是还是很自觉地会去注意每个细节,去想:如果是妳看到这些会觉得不错吗?

走了3间 show houses,只注意到3个我认为妳一定也会认同的地方。

楼上的私人 family lounge,我其实是看中了沙发,

简单又实际的主人房 wardrobe closet,


两百多万的屋子,让我拼个5-10年也未必买不到啊。如果... 如果的话...

牛劲@House Rules?

I've been to Red Box many times before, but this is the 1st time I noticed, there's a notice pasted on the wall near the phone...

I always bring my own bottle of water in, is that considered outside drinks? Like heck, you expect me to depend on just 1 glass of honey lemon for a 3-4 hours Sing K session???

I remember breaking their glasses, accidentally, a few times before...

I do recall spilling a plate of food on the floor before...

Well the notice did mention House Rules, not K Room Rules, so I guess it's alright...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

牛劲@Hakka Mee_Rev2

Here's Hakka Mee_Rev1...

Due to some negative feedback from the customer, today I decided to raise ECR (Engineering Change Request) SCR (Scribbling Change Request), and update it to Rev2..

Hakka Mee_Rev2.0

When you raise SCR, it is the same with ECR, you need approval from the relevant party...

Seems like some minor tweaking is required...

After a little bit of request to expedite,

Hakka Mee_Rev2.1

After the changes and tweaking finalized, and

Approval to release to the public obtained,

Only then I can blog about this thing, otherwise I would be Non-Compliant to the Conformity clause and hence, Non-Compliant to the ISO 9k standards.

Hehehehe =D

Monday, February 16, 2009


It feels so painful to break this. This thing, it has been with me for more than 1 year already. We share many memories together, good and not so good ones, literally. On Sunday, my carelessness broke it.

I think it's probably Saturday, when I put my laptop into the bag, when this happened:

Cannot see clearly? Close up:

Yeah I know, my handphone camera's limitations means it the photo will always be blur..

If you can't make out what that thing is, well that is just 1 small part of the broken thing, here's the larger part of it:

Kingston is the brand...

1GB thumb drive. It was a Christmas present from a friend last last year. I literally mean it when I said we shared many good and bad memories together, good ones being the countless photos, movies and songs I saved into it from other people's computer; bad ones being those job related data and info I store into it temporarily all the time.

Last Saturday, when I was done with work, I forgot to unplug this thumb drive from the laptop, and then whack the laptop into the bag; Sunday morning, when I got back to office again, these were the remnants of my precious memory stick =.=

Le sighzz... have to spend some unnecessary money to buy a new one...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

牛劲@Hakka Mee

It's been quite some while since I made some.. erm.. not-so-gloomy post, so today, for a change, I'm gonna make a naughty one, hehehe..
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It all began around 7pm today, I was waiting for the people to be ready to go out for dinner, hakka mee at Sungai Nibong. Found out that Cath was home alone, so...


I really tried my best drawing it, but, you know, it's really difficult to use a mouse to draw on the MSN draw pad...

Here's the real thing

This hakka mee shop actually specializes on yong tau foo. Unlike other yong tau foo eateries which come with either white rice or cintan mee, this shop offers either white rice, yam rice or hakka mee to come with the yong tau foo, we basically name the shop because of that.

Cath, lu jia pa buay?

Saturday, February 14, 2009




不知道是不是对今天的即将到来而深感恐惧 & 郁闷,导致我这几天再度失常。估计是吧,我自己也摸不着,不过脑海里真的会隐隐约约闪出 "想当年" 我们一起度过的今天。2年吧,那2次怎么过,这几天我一直都会回想起。

去哪里约会,做了什么,我送了什么给妳,妳送了什么给我,到哪里去散步,几点回家;这些画面突然感觉上好像才发生了不久。也许,不幸中的万幸,我这个月都被工作绑得死死的,根本没办法抽空回KL,不然,我可能会来个 "想当年情人节地点一日游",把自己逼疯。

不多说了。小笨苯,情人节. . . . . . 快乐。

Thursday, February 12, 2009

原来淡水白鱼和蜂蜜一起吃是治内伤的良药 --- 小龙女对杨楇说。

原来在宁静的地方来一杯白咖啡和一本书是舒缓郁闷的妙方 --- Ah Leong 对自己说。

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When things get bad, they just get bad. It's like a dam which walls have collapsed, and the current unleashed. There's no stopping this powerful force from gushing you out, drowning you.

It takes mammoth effort to rebuild the walls to contain the water again. It was halfway done, and then suddenly, 1 night, lightning decides to strike a part of the wall, it causes a domino effect, and that half of the wall goes tumbling again.

It's quite difficult to comprehend what I'm typing, I know, just.. ignore it... sorry....
It really is difficult to be forcing a smile all the time, and pretending that it is genuine..

I'm so sick of myself... I mean, really really sick of myself...

Guess I'll take an hour or 2 to just truly be myself... Hope that'll help..

Left my handphone in the car, hopefully no one will be calling me anytime soon...

Sorry.. forgive me for writing nonsense again... I'll be alright when I get back to office...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

牛劲@Being Tagged, again

Man... again.... was tagged before, now Cath is doing it to me again, the questions is not quite similar anymore, but the concept of 20 questions, replace 1 with your own, tag 8 people makes me think that it is probably from the same source...

I have been told before by someone, long ago, that not responding to a tag is very rude, so... le sighzz... here goes...

1. Do you believe love in first sight?

Tentatively so, I prefer to believe 'good feel' at first sight, love would develop after a deeper probe.

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
Currently? Hide myself in a corner thinking about the relationship that could have been but would never be again for me.

3. What kind of song do you sing?
Anything sad and heart breaking.

4. What would u do if u were to die tomorrow?
Eat McD breakfast, KFC for lunch, Kenny Rogers for dinner, gobble up a big pack of Famous Amos and a few bottles of Nestle yogurt drink *all containing my fondest memories*

5. Is there someone in your heart right now?
Obviously yes.

6. Do you believe in true love?

I wouldn't be in so much pain now if I don't.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
Elene is very painful, I reckon losing my job or any of my family would be of similar magnitude, although I'd love NOT to try them out.

8. What do you feel like doing right now?
Sleep tight in the night with my lovely blanket *sorry Cath, don't really wanna copy you, but this is exactly what I'm feeling too*

9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
It depends, really. If you are hell sure that your love interest has no interest on you, or rather, if your love interest are hell sure she/he has no interest on you and made it clear to you, would you?? Huge risk, almost guaranteed no returns, lousy investment babe.

10. List 5 things that u will find in a bf/gf-
I can't. If it clicks, it clicks; if it doesn't. it doesn't; simple as that.

11. What are the requirements that you not wish from your other half?
Just.. don't smoke... that's a big NO NO for me..

12. Do you feel like killing someone at the moment?
Feel like, yes; going to, no.

13. If you had grant a wish from genie, what would it be?
Turn back time till 1 year and 9 months ago, then I'll be able to experience UK and Europe again, and I'll get to make the right choice on Elene.

14. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
If I'm rich, I can retire and spend time doing things that make me happy. It's a tad obvious choice, no?

15. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
My cowardice on admitting my true feelings.

16. If you are sad, what you will do?
Went off long gai drive drive alone *shit Cath, I thought you always discourage me to do this? You do it too?*

17. Name one love song that you have in mind and why?
因为爱所以爱 by Nicholas Tse 谢霆锋, our song.

18. What is the one thing you love about yourself?
Used to be everything; now I don't know, I've lost confidence in myself as a whole.

19. What is the one thing you hate about yourself?
Over-sensitiveness *i'm not intending this but... we've got to be truthful in the face of Tag, no? Another same with Cath, I think is due to we both are fish fish, probably also the reason why we can be good friends =.=*

20. Do you think Tags (and cursing chain mails) should be banned from internet?

As with my 1st tag, am going to do the unglamorous but noble thing of not spreading it out to others. As with those cursing chain mails, I'll gladly let it die with me even if the curse multiplies on me. I don't want trouble for my friends. Full stop.

牛劲@Triggered by Another Post, again

I don't know why, but quite frequently, when I read this certain someone's posts, I would feel a very strong trigger to make a responding post..

It might be quite blunt and rude, sorry... but.... hahaha...

Referring to this post...

At least for me, I have never seen any case in which a single girl gets older, she gets more desperate. Actually, I think it's the other way round. Usually, the younger girls would make alot of noise about wanting to get married soon, and make much more noise when they receive a red bomb from their friends.

The older female friends I have (from various online communities and chat rooms I used to hangout in last time) usually would just... give up being desperate and take their time looking for the right man. I think it probably comes from this mindset: "I'm not young anymore, I can't afford to simply pick 1 guy and then screw up again, have to hit the right one this time."

I personally think that we're not in ancient China anymore. The "girls must marry young" notion is simply similar to a certain political party in the country: SUDAH TIDAK RELEVAN.

It's true that girls nowadays are in a stronger position financially and career wise. The thing is, we still have this conservative idea that the guy must be more dominant in terms of money ie. earn more money than the girl. That's why younger girls like to pick older men as partners, because similar age guys graduating together and earning more or less the same level of income is simply out of the equation.

People say, girls are much earlier to mature than guys in terms of thinking. I beg to differ. I think it's the environment you grow up in that determines your maturity. That's why, for me, age gap works both ways. I am 1 of those who don't mind if the girl is older than me (which was also precisely why Elene entered my life), but the age gap should be minimal, probably 2, maximum 3 years difference, guy older or girl older will do.

Which is why I think some older girls exhibit Point #3 of this blog post I am responding to. When a girl gets older, the younger guys begin to pick up in their career, so security wise is not such a big problem anymore, and age gap wise, being with a guy 2-3 years younger is probably easier than an ahpek 10 years older.

1 last thought from me, not just the guys, girls get more attractive as they get older, too.. until... I would say until about 35, +/- 5, depending on how the girl takes care of herself. Actually it's more or less the same for guys, when u hit the 40 mark, you'd start to show signs of getting old, whether you like it or not. For me, there's no such thing as: as you get older, girls decrease in value, guys increase in value. It's the same for all, you go up, and you come down...

That's about it from me...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

牛劲@Bad CNY Pastime

I hate gambling during CNY, I really do! It's 1 of the worse activity to do during the festive season...

My reasoning?

On your day, if you got lucky and make a few killings, and win a little bit, then yumcha session is under your bill later. If you got extremely lucky, make many killings and win big, then dinner session... Most of the time you don't get to keep the money...

If it is not your day, you lose money, then... you lose money, simple as that...

For us, best case scenario would be breaking even/keeping a tiny bit of the winnings, worse case scenario would of course be losing. Either way, the biggest winners will always be the mamaks or restaurateurs. Whoever wins on the table, the money will go to them in the end...

Sometimes, I have a feeling that going to Genting is better. At least if you win, you get to decide how much you wanna keep and no one is going to complain. But of course, that don't happen very often...

Having said that, I probably will have a crack at it in another friend's house tomorrow again... =D

Saturday, February 07, 2009

牛劲@CNY Mini Fortune

Went to Queensbay in the evening, intending to do some checking in Jusco, I've not done that for almost 2 months already due to heavy work commitment.

Reached the Jusco Staff Entrance, 5pm, discovered that they are having a round of security trucks collecting cash session, so I basically cannot access the inside today, will have to wait for tomorrow, 几衰以下噢 ji suay yi xia o...

Having entered the car park, I'll have to pay RM1 no matter what, didn't wanna waste it, so I went to the supermarket to buy some fruits and maybe some other stuff.

I bought some Sunkist oranges, Pagoda peanuts and some instant bihun, I didn't suspect anything while weighing the oranges, while paying, while leaving.. it was after I reached home when I realized, my loot today seems quite.. cheap...


Sunkist orange

You see, I took 5 of them oranges, but when I checked on the price label, which was printed after weighing,

RM1.78 for 5 Sunkist oranges???

The weighing attendant farkin' mistaken my Sunkist for Lokam.. what's Lokam? 卢柑? CNY mandarin orange? She screwed up big time hahahha!!

Normally, 1 of them Sunkist would be about.... well, few years back was RM0.70-RM0.80 per biji, now should be probably around RM1 ba?? 5 of them should be around RM5 to be correct??

I wanna emphasize, NO I DID NOT PURPOSELY KEEP QUIET ON THIS, I DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL I GOT HOME! I was thinking of something else (the same thing I've been thinking about for the past month or so) hence not paying attention to the weighing and pricing while at it.

Here's the receipt

It would seem weird if I go back now and alert them about this few ringgit mistake, won't it? I'll just treat it as a little bit of fortune for me during this festive season =)

牛劲@Memories II

How can I forget.. I also miss Home Bargains!

Friday, February 06, 2009

牛劲@Force Leave

Monthly 2 days force leave began implementation last month, but since I took it for the CNY period, it didn't feel awkward.

Today, I took my very 1st just-for-the-sake-of-taking day off due to this "proactive" measure from the company.

I don't really know how to describe the day, I suppose it was well spent...

Morning, went back to office to pass something to someone, and set Out Of Office for Outlook.

Then came back for a quick oats breakfast, then went off to Perodua Georgetown to make appointment to fit rear seatbelt on my CLK, or SLK if you prefer, it's still a K anyway.. 顺便 shun bian help someone to make credit card payment in HSBC near Queensbay.


Quick lunch at the disputably best Chicken Rice in Penang at some flats in Jelutong with Peggy and Bing, then came back, relax relax goyang kaki..

4.30pm, began experiment cooking a new thing for me, porridge. Today's Menu: Porridge in Carrot, Pork Chunks and Eggs; and Broccoli with Carrot and Garlic.

You know, porridge is quite a tedious thing to cook. You have to be alert throughout the whole process, because while boiling the rice, bubbles will form and spill out occasionally if you are not careful. I basically had my hands full attending to the pot.

Here's the end product..

Porridge in Carrot, Pork Chunks and Eggs

Broccoli with Carrot and Garlic

The... strand of things beside the broccoli, Peggy said they are jellyfish... she brought them from her home... well, they had a very Q texture. Too Q actually =.=

So... that's how my force leave @ off day went today... not too bad huh...


Saw the last photo of this post, somehow, I begin to miss Liverpool... not Liverpool FC you jerk, I'm a Gunner! I miss Liverpool city, I miss LJMU, I miss Marybone Phase 1 Flat 44, I miss Tesco, I miss Lidl, I miss Iceland, I miss Stanley Casino @k@ Uncle S. I miss going around the UK in Europcar Intermediate sized cars. I miss... everything!

This is the photo that triggered me

Suddenly, I felt like trying to find out which day we took this photo, so I scoured my photo archive, and found out that actually, this is also the day when,

Cath gave me my first haircut in Liverpool

I said first, because I remember there's 2 or 3 times I let her cut my hair...



August 6th, 2007. I traced back my blogpost then, and realized that I blogged about this occurrence before, here. Haircut and Kettle Fiesta.... yeah Kettle Fiesta, what's that? figure it out yourself, or just read the post. It's probably one of the most ridiculous thing you can do in campus, albeit not extreme.

In a sense, it's good to be missing something else for a change, I've been missing 1 person, all the time, for 1 whole month already.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

牛劲@Don't Force Me

I don't really wanna be posting this but...


I don't expect you guys to understand me, I don't expect you guys to understand why I'm stressing myself up so much, it's not something that I wish everyone would understand. In fact, I hope nobody understands, because you have to go through this to really understand, and it is not a good thing to go through.


No.. you don't.. trust me, so please, don't pretend to understand, you'd have no idea..

I just hope you guys can respect my sentiments, and stop making such a big fuss about it.. If you feel that I am a sore to you eyes, just.. don't look at me, get away... and if you think I'm polluting my blog with emotional posts, then.. by all means, FUCK OFF!

This.. is my personal blog, I am entitled to write whatever I want to, including leaving messages for her in the heavens... Those comment off posts were meant for her only actually... I don't have any means to communicate to her, I can't just dial her number in heaven, because I'm not in a fairytale movie, right? She used to read my blog, so this is the only method I can think of...

You know who you are, the few of you...




午餐过后没多久,突然觉得心情变得很沉重了,眼泪就这样又出来了,幸好当时别人都还在吃午餐,office 里除了我没有半个人影。


看明天表现如何吧。可能星期五真的会拿假吧,反正现在每个月有2天 force leave。




Monday, February 02, 2009

Let's Turn Kenny Sia into Bald Ahpek!

I don't know why I'm doing this, after all, I'm 1 of the poor folks affected by a 10% paycut...

Wait, I think there's one reason: I hate Kenny Sia for being such a famous blogger and making so much money out of blogging, and I would love to see him go bald!

Nah.. actually, I just thought that he's making a bold move in the name of charity, so regardless of his fame, we should give our support.

I'm not going to cover about what this SCCS is all about, apart from it's full name being Sarawak Children Cancer Society. You can read all about them if you would just click on the image above, Kenny did some write up on them I think.

What I would like to say here is, I know, financially, it is difficult times for many of us, especially this year, and possibly next year as well. Probably, all our attention is going to how difficult it is for companies to survive, for business to go on, and for our livelihood to not be affected.

But it is these times that I think those charity organizations will take a nasty hit. Huge corporations would probably aim at donations for cost cutting measures, Normally generous people might wanna hold onto their cash more, rather than part with them. Donation drives would probably get lousier responses. Heck even our angpaos for this CNY, from friends and relatives, are shrinking, so you think people would be more generous to strangers?

With funds from all sides shrinking, these charity organizations would have it tough, and when their going gets tough, it is the users of the facility they run that gets directly affected. For us, a paycut would probably mean less expensive dinners, watching our movies on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays, the ladies buying less shoes; but for the poor folks depending on donations, a donation cut would spell doom to them.

I would just like to post a reminder, keep to this saying:

"The More You Give, The More You Get"

I'm not encouraging you to donate all your money, it would be foolish to do that, but a simple token of appreciation to the works that, not just this SCCS, but all the charity organizations do, will make a big difference to many lives out there. And hopefully the good karma we gain from being generous would help us get through this downturn better =)

By the way, don't we all love it if Kenny Sia goes bald? I'd love it personally, muahahahahaha!!! XD

(PS: I personally donated RM50, just in case I get fingers pointing at me for all talk no action, though I'm not that courageous enough to join the "go bald" campaign myself -.-)

牛劲@123 321

123 321 1234567

由而家开始,你唔再系脆弱的蛋散Leong,你系坚强 & 冷静的铁人Leong。


好似,唔系几有效 -.-"


(PS: read it with Cantonese pronunciation)

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I've been chasing another fansubbed anime for quite some time now. MAR, short form for Marchen Awakens Romance. Marchen is the German term for fairytale, but the anime is Japanese. Anyway, I don't think it's a famous manga/anime series, so not many people will know about it. Suits me fine, because I always beg to differ from the pack.

You see, the main reason 1 of the reasons I'm so into animes is because some of the animes really has hot chicks in it. I mean, yeah I know they're fake, but heck, who cares...

I made a post about anime chicks.. 3 years back I think.. here. Having nothing better to do today, I'll show you my latest find from MAR.

Dorothy is her name. I think her character is based on that little girl in Wizard of Oz, after all the title of the anime suggests fairytale. She even has a Guardian dog named Toto.

Don't ask me what a Guardian is.. wait, maybe I'll just share some links from Wiki and you can check it out if you are interested.

MAR - Dorothy - ARMs (Guardian is explained here)