Saturday, February 07, 2009

牛劲@CNY Mini Fortune

Went to Queensbay in the evening, intending to do some checking in Jusco, I've not done that for almost 2 months already due to heavy work commitment.

Reached the Jusco Staff Entrance, 5pm, discovered that they are having a round of security trucks collecting cash session, so I basically cannot access the inside today, will have to wait for tomorrow, 几衰以下噢 ji suay yi xia o...

Having entered the car park, I'll have to pay RM1 no matter what, didn't wanna waste it, so I went to the supermarket to buy some fruits and maybe some other stuff.

I bought some Sunkist oranges, Pagoda peanuts and some instant bihun, I didn't suspect anything while weighing the oranges, while paying, while leaving.. it was after I reached home when I realized, my loot today seems quite.. cheap...


Sunkist orange

You see, I took 5 of them oranges, but when I checked on the price label, which was printed after weighing,

RM1.78 for 5 Sunkist oranges???

The weighing attendant farkin' mistaken my Sunkist for Lokam.. what's Lokam? 卢柑? CNY mandarin orange? She screwed up big time hahahha!!

Normally, 1 of them Sunkist would be about.... well, few years back was RM0.70-RM0.80 per biji, now should be probably around RM1 ba?? 5 of them should be around RM5 to be correct??

I wanna emphasize, NO I DID NOT PURPOSELY KEEP QUIET ON THIS, I DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL I GOT HOME! I was thinking of something else (the same thing I've been thinking about for the past month or so) hence not paying attention to the weighing and pricing while at it.

Here's the receipt

It would seem weird if I go back now and alert them about this few ringgit mistake, won't it? I'll just treat it as a little bit of fortune for me during this festive season =)

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