Friday, February 06, 2009

牛劲@Force Leave

Monthly 2 days force leave began implementation last month, but since I took it for the CNY period, it didn't feel awkward.

Today, I took my very 1st just-for-the-sake-of-taking day off due to this "proactive" measure from the company.

I don't really know how to describe the day, I suppose it was well spent...

Morning, went back to office to pass something to someone, and set Out Of Office for Outlook.

Then came back for a quick oats breakfast, then went off to Perodua Georgetown to make appointment to fit rear seatbelt on my CLK, or SLK if you prefer, it's still a K anyway.. 顺便 shun bian help someone to make credit card payment in HSBC near Queensbay.


Quick lunch at the disputably best Chicken Rice in Penang at some flats in Jelutong with Peggy and Bing, then came back, relax relax goyang kaki..

4.30pm, began experiment cooking a new thing for me, porridge. Today's Menu: Porridge in Carrot, Pork Chunks and Eggs; and Broccoli with Carrot and Garlic.

You know, porridge is quite a tedious thing to cook. You have to be alert throughout the whole process, because while boiling the rice, bubbles will form and spill out occasionally if you are not careful. I basically had my hands full attending to the pot.

Here's the end product..

Porridge in Carrot, Pork Chunks and Eggs

Broccoli with Carrot and Garlic

The... strand of things beside the broccoli, Peggy said they are jellyfish... she brought them from her home... well, they had a very Q texture. Too Q actually =.=

So... that's how my force leave @ off day went today... not too bad huh...

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