Monday, February 02, 2009

Let's Turn Kenny Sia into Bald Ahpek!

I don't know why I'm doing this, after all, I'm 1 of the poor folks affected by a 10% paycut...

Wait, I think there's one reason: I hate Kenny Sia for being such a famous blogger and making so much money out of blogging, and I would love to see him go bald!

Nah.. actually, I just thought that he's making a bold move in the name of charity, so regardless of his fame, we should give our support.

I'm not going to cover about what this SCCS is all about, apart from it's full name being Sarawak Children Cancer Society. You can read all about them if you would just click on the image above, Kenny did some write up on them I think.

What I would like to say here is, I know, financially, it is difficult times for many of us, especially this year, and possibly next year as well. Probably, all our attention is going to how difficult it is for companies to survive, for business to go on, and for our livelihood to not be affected.

But it is these times that I think those charity organizations will take a nasty hit. Huge corporations would probably aim at donations for cost cutting measures, Normally generous people might wanna hold onto their cash more, rather than part with them. Donation drives would probably get lousier responses. Heck even our angpaos for this CNY, from friends and relatives, are shrinking, so you think people would be more generous to strangers?

With funds from all sides shrinking, these charity organizations would have it tough, and when their going gets tough, it is the users of the facility they run that gets directly affected. For us, a paycut would probably mean less expensive dinners, watching our movies on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays, the ladies buying less shoes; but for the poor folks depending on donations, a donation cut would spell doom to them.

I would just like to post a reminder, keep to this saying:

"The More You Give, The More You Get"

I'm not encouraging you to donate all your money, it would be foolish to do that, but a simple token of appreciation to the works that, not just this SCCS, but all the charity organizations do, will make a big difference to many lives out there. And hopefully the good karma we gain from being generous would help us get through this downturn better =)

By the way, don't we all love it if Kenny Sia goes bald? I'd love it personally, muahahahahaha!!! XD

(PS: I personally donated RM50, just in case I get fingers pointing at me for all talk no action, though I'm not that courageous enough to join the "go bald" campaign myself -.-)


AsX said...

Yeah, i hate Kenny Sia too! Go bald! Go bald! Kenny if you hate me and manage know who i am, u know how to contact me! :p

At the same time, let's do charity!

RealGunners said...

i just thought of a nicer title and changed it, hehehe

AsX said...

Damn, i tot it was a new follow up post....

RealGunners said...

in response to your 1st comment, sorry to say, but i don't think kenny reads my blog, so.. don't think he is aware of your comment at all..