Wednesday, February 25, 2009

牛劲@Healthy Dinner

The past 3 days has probably been the highest pressure days of my life in the company.

Yeah I'm always involved with unwelcome terms like Tester Downtime and Potential Shipment Impact.

Now I've got my 1st experience on dealing directly with a much nastier term, Shipment Hold.

No point going into the technical details, main thing is, I've been working like worse than shit and having sleepless nights for the past 3 days.

Today, the toughest part is finally resolved, and I can breath a huge sigh of relief because I would be able to proceed with plan and go back to KL this weekend.

To celebrate that, I decided to have a healthy dinner today..

Boiled lettuce with few drops of soy sauce,

And oats with lecithin, yeast and something else (known collectively as 三宝) in almond powder.

Let's hope that tomorrow and Friday holds no unpleasant surprise for me...

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