Friday, February 06, 2009


Saw the last photo of this post, somehow, I begin to miss Liverpool... not Liverpool FC you jerk, I'm a Gunner! I miss Liverpool city, I miss LJMU, I miss Marybone Phase 1 Flat 44, I miss Tesco, I miss Lidl, I miss Iceland, I miss Stanley Casino @k@ Uncle S. I miss going around the UK in Europcar Intermediate sized cars. I miss... everything!

This is the photo that triggered me

Suddenly, I felt like trying to find out which day we took this photo, so I scoured my photo archive, and found out that actually, this is also the day when,

Cath gave me my first haircut in Liverpool

I said first, because I remember there's 2 or 3 times I let her cut my hair...



August 6th, 2007. I traced back my blogpost then, and realized that I blogged about this occurrence before, here. Haircut and Kettle Fiesta.... yeah Kettle Fiesta, what's that? figure it out yourself, or just read the post. It's probably one of the most ridiculous thing you can do in campus, albeit not extreme.

In a sense, it's good to be missing something else for a change, I've been missing 1 person, all the time, for 1 whole month already.

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