Monday, February 16, 2009


It feels so painful to break this. This thing, it has been with me for more than 1 year already. We share many memories together, good and not so good ones, literally. On Sunday, my carelessness broke it.

I think it's probably Saturday, when I put my laptop into the bag, when this happened:

Cannot see clearly? Close up:

Yeah I know, my handphone camera's limitations means it the photo will always be blur..

If you can't make out what that thing is, well that is just 1 small part of the broken thing, here's the larger part of it:

Kingston is the brand...

1GB thumb drive. It was a Christmas present from a friend last last year. I literally mean it when I said we shared many good and bad memories together, good ones being the countless photos, movies and songs I saved into it from other people's computer; bad ones being those job related data and info I store into it temporarily all the time.

Last Saturday, when I was done with work, I forgot to unplug this thumb drive from the laptop, and then whack the laptop into the bag; Sunday morning, when I got back to office again, these were the remnants of my precious memory stick =.=

Le sighzz... have to spend some unnecessary money to buy a new one...


Belle said...

you just slaughter a pendrive..PENDRIVE SLAUGHTER!!!

RealGunners said...

unintentional murder hahaha

Anonymous said...

looking at the positive side.. u can get a larger storage memory stick le.. to store more songs n info..

RealGunners said...

with my own money, yeah..