Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brain in need of RAM upgrade

Lately, I've been having this lousy habit...

You see, where I work, the pantry/break area is just next to the toilet; sometimes, I would bring my bottle along to refill in the pantry when I wanted to go to the toilet.

Usually, the procedure is: put bottle at the pantry, go into the toilet, pee, wash hand, come back out, pick up bottle, refill bottle, and go back to office.

Lately, it is: put bottle at the pantry, go into the toilet, pee, wash hand, come back out, pick up bottle, refill bottle, go back to office, remembers about bottle when feeling thirsty, go back to pantry, pick up bottle, refill bottle, and go back to office again.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kena Marah

Thanks leng ma...

Earth Hour

This was about 9.00pm last night,

If you click on 'Skip this message', it would return to this same page.


Friday, March 27, 2009






I don't know what to say, really, I'm at a lost, why is this happening? Why you, of all people?

You are the dearest of my so-called 'big sisters', we were the bestest best of friends where nothing cannot be talked about, nothing cannot be shared, and that mutual feeling remained, even when you flew over to Canada for Uni, and then decided to stay there...

You were 1 of only a handful few who knew of Elene and have seen her before, she's gone, now you're gone too...

Really, and you knew it was going to happen all the while, why did you keep it secret from me for so long? No wonder you went missing from MSN for this few weeks...

I really hate you, you know? You are leaving me behind to face this shit called life, all by myself. And you didn't give me a chance to say a proper goodbye. You just disappeared like that, and when I knew, it was already too late...

Nah, I'll never hate you. I'm just frustrated. Deep down, I know why you kept it a secret. Even if I had known earlier, I wouldn't have been able to afford that ticket to Vancouver. Knowing me, you probably knew that would be bad for me..

I'm really too stressed out to compose anything else now...

In loving memories, forever kai jie, Tracy, may you rest in peace...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good News for the Retrenched?

Just got this email from Jobstreet. Here, they have a link too, you can go and have a look if you want to...

Government's 2nd stimulus package announcement: companies who employ workers retrenched from 1 July 2008 will be given double tax deduction

I'm not sure if we should rejoice at this or not.. I mean, of course it's good news for those already retrenched. After all, they've got nothing else to lose anymore..

What about those hanging in the balance, like me?

You see, if the situation is really that bad, that people have to be retrenched, what are the odds of them hiring? What would you do? Based on the example given, it means you would spend another RM24k to get a RM6k savings? I won't do that if I'm the boss and my motive is to cut cost...

I'm also worried that with this, those smaller scale companies would retrench their lower level workers and replace them with people retrenched from other companies. Surely there would be people left out if this really happen..

And how do you define retrench? There are many people out there who are tied to those manpower outsourcing companies and not the companies they work for. If they get terminated, they would still be the outsourcing companies headcount, but without a job. Does these people count as retrenched people?

I'm really not sure if this is indeed a good move, or whether our "economic experts" in Putrajaya has got it all wrong again...

But then and again, I'm just an ordinary engineer bloke who still doesn't know much about the economics, I'm just saying what I think of at the moment... who knows...... maybe....

Monday, March 23, 2009


Not sure if it's a good day today... it probably is bad...

I was coughing non stop since waking up this morning, and the.. the.. kahak/痰, forgot what's it called in English.. was coming out in droves. Those were still manageable, but somewhere around 11am, I was at the toilet, trying to spit out some of those sticky stuff, when I spotted red in the basin..

Wtf?! Blood? I've never spitted out blood before! So.. I got panic, to a short leave, and went to the clinic to get some consultation, just to play safe.. turns out, my throat was bruised due to the coughing and hence the blood, and not some internal bleeding which I feared...

So I went back to office and continued with the never ending pile of workload...

Was supposed to have a briefing session at the company gym, we need to attend 1 of those to be granted access to the gym on our own. I registered, was scheduled twice, the 1st I declined due to excessive emotional instability (I just got news of Elene), the second came after I have planned and arranged everything for my leave days (clashed dates) so I declined as well, today it'd be the third time scheduling, which I finally thought would be alright to accept, and accepted..

It was supposed to start at 6pm, but I was tied up in critical tasks and emergency meeting until 6.05pm, rushed to the sports complex to get changed and head to the gym, but I was then effectively 20minutes late, and the instructor told me to join the next session..

Before I left, he topped up something which under normal circumstances should be fine, but it somehow really got on my nerve at that moment...

"If you are really interested to use the gym, please dedicate the time to come for this session. The gym is for serious people. It's not much, just 40 minutes, I'm sure you can get back to your work after that"

Thank you very much for your comment. So I should just prioritise the gym access over my critical tasks? Especially at "wonderful" economic times like this? What would you have done? I said, I was tied up in an emergency meeting, can't just leave like that can I? Can I??

And, for goodness sake, actually I wasn't really intending to seriously do the gym stuff. I really just wanted access to the treadmill during the weekends. It's not like I really need your briefing on how to use those machines, how to warm up, stretch your sexy legs whatsoever, right? Seems like even wanting this get complicated when it comes to me.. damn...

Of course I didn't say these to that instructor lah.. No point making enemies right? I just said sorry (unwillingly) and left...

I wonder if I should just withdraw from the scheduling, since I can foresee the work pile getting to yet another level very soon. Maybe I should just stick to jogging in nearby housing estates... hmm...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Short note to the blog hoppers:
If you intend to leave your mark in my cbox, at least do something more.. sincere lah, like saying Hi, or like the latest cbox message from sean, commenting on 1 of my posts. Saying things like "blog hopping" or "just passing by" will only make me delete them, because I really feel these nonsense message are a sore in the arse..

I'm just trying to relay a message to whoever thinks it is relevant to them.

I know I have been ignoring some people on MSN as of lately, I also know I have stopped meeting up with some people whenever I do go back to KL. I just wanted to let you guys know, yeah I totally intended it to be like that.

Heck, even the mates here in Penang, I have snubbed them/caused them to snub me, whichever way more appropriate, for more than one occasion.

I don't wanna hurt anyone, but I guess I'll better be straightforward, since that's the way I am..

I have mentioned to you guys, not once, not twice, but multiple times, I AM NOT IN A GOOD STATE OF MIND, and given the pile of shit tonning up, I can't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have mentioned too, not once, not twice, but multiple times too, PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH AND YOU SYMPATHIZE ME, because I am 120% sure you don't understand, so please stop giving me half-baked advices which you think would do the trick.

To top things off, I have also mentioned, multiple times as well, WHEN I'M DOWN, MY FACE WILL SHOW. It doesn't help when you keep harping on how I must look happy when I am among you guys, and how I scare people off with my black face. I know all of that, I try avoid doing that whenever possible, but sometimes it just gets too mentally strenuous to do that especially if I had a bad day.

The reason I stopped replying your MSN messages/call you guys out when I'm in town is because, I have mentioned those things that many times, most of the time unwillingly, and I still hear the same shit from you guys. It just confirms that you don't understand at all..

"Oh... got leng jie, then dowan choi us already lah!" <= Bullcrap.. The reason I dowan to choi you is because you are getting on my nerves at times and I'm afraid if I respond to you, it would only lead to heated arguments. I like hanging out with leng jie because she doesn't assume to know what I'm going through, she won't give me crappy advices, she would listen to me, and she would gladly watch me shed tears when I feel like it. That's the kind of company you need when you are in a dire situation.

I know it's tough for you guys too, because like I said, you guys don't really comprehend my predicament. You see, this notion "When you are unhappy, you should hang around with a big bunch of friends and cheer up" only applies on normal pek cek cases, as what most of you would be accustomed to. It doesn't work on seriously big magnitude stuff, and when you try forcing the issue, it tends to get worse.

I don't know, I suppose I'll just stop here. I don't think doing the deep talks would go down well, most of you guys are not interested with my deep talks anyway, I know it.

Actually, I just wanna emphasize, I'm really getting tired of having to put up with all these good willed-but-inappropriately-executed concerns. If you really wanna help me, you could try to bear with my deep talking and understand the deep meaning behind them, or you can just.. keep quiet... Really sorry about that...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

20Cents: Hand Hand

The "dates" were pretty much unofficial, they didn't call those breakfast sessions as dates, they just knew it by heart... Heck, even the act of making it official was quite unofficial as well...

It was on one day that they dated to go to Kinokuniya KLCC. They had no car, so the bus was the obvious choice..

They were seated, the bus was moving..

They had this.. telepathy.. or rather, a deep understanding on what each other was thinking.. he wanted to do it today, and she kind of knew it too..

I'll show you a scene from a TVB drama...

It was nothing like that...

Suddenly, he just put his left hand onto her right hand, and left it there. He could sense her tremble a little bit.. just a little bit..

He took a short peek at her, he could see her face turning red, with a slight grin...

The hands remain, and when they reached their destination, they unboarded, still hand in hand...

That's how it happened. No fancy planning, no lavish environment, no flirty conversation, heck there's not even that 3 magic words, "I love you" being uttered... it just happened, on a lousy public bus..

Unofficially making it official...

to be continued...

牛劲@Superb Parking

Saw this during my first trip to the Penang Public Library near Sunway Carnival...

Am not gonna censor the plate number, because I think people like this deserve to be known to others...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

20Cents: Breakfast dates @ still unofficial

There was no official first date. After the unofficial 1st date, it continued to be unofficial.. unofficial 2nd date, 3rd date, 4th date, and so on... in fact, there's not really an official 1st date at all...

They were not rich kids, and both are the type that are well aware that their pocket money doesn't come from the taps.

But there was no denying it, he felt good to be with her, and she felt good to be with him. So, after the pizza encounter, they begin calling each other quite frequently. Sometimes they would go "dating"...

A typical "dating" invitation would sound like this:

*8.00am in the morning, ringg ringgg~~*


"Bun Bun, jou gan mie (doing what)?"

"Waiting for your phone call lo"

"Wah! You know I wanna call you today ah? 心有灵犀 sum yao ling sai-nya~ I have to belanja you breakfast liao"



"Leong Kok Gor Gor! Wan breakfast mou? My family went out, me nothing to eat at home~"

"I got thing to eat at home wor..."

". . . . . ."

". . . . . ."

"Teman me can anot??!! >.<"

"Ok la ok la~ let's go la, hahahaha"

So off they went... off they went....

To where?

It's a food court near their homes, within walking distance, and, it has the best 猪肉粉 pork noodles stall in town...

So it's pretty obvious that they'd have pork noodles there. A large pork hor fun-mee hoon, RM4.00, and yeah, they'd share the same bowl, the same pair of chopsticks, the same spoon. No hold hands yet, no hug waist yet, not quite there yet.. just almost...

But then, if you look at it in a different way, they were doing the kiss indirectly already..

And they'd have 2 egg tarts to top it off, 1 each, just because the egg tarts were freshly baked and tasted like heaven.

It was like this all the time, same food court, same time, same food. It cost less than RM10 for 2 person, inclusive of drinks, but it was happy times, having nice, down to earth food; it was nice being cosy and being in the company of each other. It was almost better than going to the movies or window shopping..

And that's how they got on for quite some time...

to be continued...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


No, watching the football match at McD didn't do the trick...

Maybe, could be, probably, what we call.. divine intervention.. suddenly, somehow I remembered an important teaching...


I have been forgetting these 8 words all this while, hence my sufferings amplified..

She's gone, I'm sad, and I keep trying to dwell back into the past. After rediscovering these 8 words, I begin to start thinking of a different scenario...

What if she did not die? Will I be like what I am now? Deep down, I know, the answer would be a no, if she's still alive today, I would not realize how important she is to me, and would keep rejecting her out of fear. As much as I regret it now, I know that if it only happens because she died, and I can't really change anything anymore.

I have been watching Vandread, and it is the 1st time I noticed a very inspiring conversation between Magno @ Ba-san and Bart:

Who say animes are good for nothing? Sometimes it can be good for inspiration too, when things don't go too well...

On another note, it's frustrating that I have been running into quite some.. erm.. not so pleasant moments with some friends. For this, it was leng jie who injected a dose of idea that set me rolling.

It's a case of same actions, but different sets of mentality interpret them differently. I'm not sure how true it is, but maybe this is really the case, therefore resulting in quite a lot of unnecessary complications lately..

I'm not going as far as to change my personality, because I think they are what defines me. *shit, sounds a bit like Batman* But I probably should work on finding a balance between understanding this difference and get a balancing point out of it..

Wish me luck...

Juru Autocity

I've been enduring an emotionally torrid week, spending most of my free time hiding @ watching aeroplanes near the airport. So I decided to hit it out with my mates to Autocity for the Saturday night. I'll cap the night up with as few words as possible.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

No photos,

No more free vouchers,

A few free games,

A few good friends, as always, thank you,

1 unknown emcee,

Coupled with 1 certain whacky Fly Guy, emcee also,

无厘头 mou lei tau questions, just for the sake of giving out free gifts,

Lousy fish & chips, too shweet honey lemon,

Supposingly fehmes violinist, and supposingly fehmes saxophonist,

and supposingly fehmes rap band, all which I've never heard of,

Reshmonu is in town,

with the blessings of St Patrick "Singh",

lots of noise, lots of black booze, lots of hotties,

Liverfool kicked ManUre's arse,

And... and.... and....

I saw her replica, 80% similarity,

The face, the body shape, the height, the dressing sense, the overall feel,

It's not her though...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It's good to be out among friends again, having fun... thank you very much... =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

20Cents: Unofficial 1st Date

It's been quite some time already since this encounter, he didn't actually bother to call her up at all, neither did she call all this while..

Saturday classes were always a pain in the ass, as is today... the usual routine, LRT from Taman Melati to Ampang Park...

He was rushing out to the gates when... he saw her. She didn't see him, and he keep thinking: "Should I? Should I not?"

He took out his phone, searched for her number, and called. He watched her answer the call, and quickly hid behind a pillar..

"哥哥 Gor Gor!! Wah, you called me!! I was wondering if you will never call!!"

* swtzz -.-||* "Erm.. hahahaha so excited meh.. I just felt like, get phone number from lenglui but never call, wasted ma"

He peeked out, and realized she was turning her head around, as if looking for someone... probably him.... smart chick...

"How ah lenglui, I sien sien dei today, wan date you for lunch, can mou?"

"You call me lenglui, sure can la hehehe~ but I now not at home wor, you have to wait for me to come back 1st, I'm on my way now"

"No need la, you just get out of the station, got a Pizza Hut nearby, we eat there la, the set lunch quite cheap"

A few seconds silence...

"Where are you??!!! I knew it la!! You saw me!! Don't hide!! Come out la!!!"

"What hide? Where got hide jek? I'm on the bus la, almost reach Ampang Park, somehow I got a feeling you are there ma, who knows, maybe we 心有灵犀 sum yau ling sai leh"

"Yerr!! Don't play la!! Faster come out!!!"

"Also said on the bus lo, how to come out? You want anot ge? We meet at Pizza Hut la~"

"Hmmpphhhh!!! Gik sei ngor la!!! Dowan d la!!"

"Belanja you wor?"

"OK! Want then!"


He watched her exit the gate and disappear into the corridor, and then made his way out as well.

5 minutes later...

He went in, and saw her seated at a corner, pouting.

"Wei.. don't liddat la.. belanja makan still wanna see you nau gai meh?"

"I know you were taking the LRT also ge just now, you hiding dowan come out, gik sei ngor la! Make me walk here alone!!"

"Erm... you stupid jek ma, if you wait at the corridor after exiting the gate, then you will be able to catch me coming out behind you.."

"Arrhhh!!!! How come I didn't think of that??!!! : ("

"Because you 笨笨 bun bun lo, I call you 小笨笨 little bun bun la, since you call me nicknames also, hehehehe"

That day, they had 2 sets of the RM7.95 pizza lunch set. And instead of going home straightaway, went lepak-lepak at KLCC. That could probably be classified as an unofficial 1st date for them...

to be continued...

Monday, March 09, 2009

牛劲@The Misadventures of the Botanic Garden

Was supposed to be jogging at the Botanic Garden with 靓姐 leng jie this morning. Picked her up around 7.40am, then headed into town.

Both of us have never been to the Botanic Garden before, so we basically followed the road signs.

It was going quite well, but suddenly, we reached a junction where there's no road signs showing Kebun Bunga/Botanic Garden anymore. So we took a turn, and another, and another, and suddenly found ourselves facing Gurney Plaza =.="

Turned around, not satisfied, determined to find this elusive park, we made a few more turns, went uphill and downhill, made another turn, and suddenly, we were staring at Island Plaza =.=""

WTF??!! Where the heck is this Botanic Garden??

We decided to give up jogging and look for a place for breakfast instead. It was then that I noticed the road sign stating Jalan Mount Erskine. Wait a minute.. this sounds.. familiar... then I remembered, I read it from this post from KY.

Hokkien Mee with wantan noodles, I told leng jie about this, she was quite interested as well.. hmm.. might as well give it a try. We found the marketplace easily, and went looking for the stall.

However, to our dismay, contrary to what we thought, there was not 1, but 3 stalls offering this Hokkien Mee with wantan noodle combi. How ah?? I have no idea which is the stall KY mentioned in his post. To make things worse, I couldn't find the store that supposingly sells this Haw Flakes drink =.="

Since we have no idea which stall to choose from, we just randomly picked 1 and ordered..

Hokkien Mee with wantan noodles

To be honest... yeah it is special, but... probably it's just me not used to it, I felt that this combi doesn't really go down that well...

Just as we were leaving, suddenly, I spotted that 5001 stall! I didn't see it earlier because it was on the other side, facing the main road.

Well, since I saw the stall, gotta try the drink out eh?

Tapao Haw Flakes drink

Again... sorry KY, but.. I don't feel any Wow! factor drinking this. In fact, I thought that it tasted quite similar to a certain sour plum juice...

Not being able to find the place we wanted to go, then went to eat something that didn't really come close to my expectations.. seems like the morning is not that great..

But, it was great too, because I've got leng jie as company, and I've got my 3rd birthday present of the year!

Harvey Norman... what can it be?


Closer view

Creative = branded

Stereo backphones is the name,

Although I prefer to call it headphone =.="

Thanks leng jie~ muacksss~~ you actually remembered I mentioned about my current headphone being too bulky and uncomfortable to use when I wanna watch porn and tfk in the room wanna watch animes/listen to songs in high volume in the middle of the night without disturbing my neighbours.

Now I can gladly wave goodbye to:

Big headphone

I really wanted to post a photo of leng jie up here, but since she insisted on keeping a low profile and not let anyone know about her, I'll respect her desire.

Thanks leng jie~ I'll definitely return favor when it is your turn, just wait and see =)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

20Cents:The Second Encounter

It was a Tuesday night. Lousy timetable for the semester means he's got a night lecture session, 6-8pm.

Usually that didn't matter to him at all, because he's the self-proclaimed PK [Ponteng King]. *which would soon be upgraded to PG [Ponteng God]* But it was different on that day, it was mid-term test, with a 10% contribution to the final exam, so it was compulsory to show up.

Anyway, he went, did the test, then went home.

It was almost 9.30pm when he got off the bus nearby home. He's not had dinner yet, and the only eatery still operating was:

Too much fast food is bad for health, but he was hungry. So in he went, made his order and went upstairs with his food.

He was making his go at the food when, suddenly,

"两角钱哥哥 Leong Kok Qin Gor Gor!"

What the?? This name.. where'd he heard this name before? Momentarily, he couldn't recall. He turned his head, and suddenly, he remembered.

"Ah? You.. you are... oh! You ah! Hi, what a coincidence!"

She was alone too.. what the fark is she doing in KFC alone in the middle of the night? And she just sat down right next to him without asking.

"So cham meh, eat KFC alone at night?"

"Same same la, I just finished class ma.. you leh, you also just finish class meh?"

"Can say so la, I stayed back late to do complete some assignments."


Makan... makan... a few random chatters...

"Eh, I remember you said, if we bump into each other again, then we exchange contacts."

"Erm, got meh? Ahahaha okok, since we 甘有缘 gam yau yuen, exchange mai exchange lo."

Exchange contacts...

"Ah.. ah... erm..."


"I forgot your name..."

"Har?? Hmmpphhh!!!"

"Sorry la, I really didn't expect we can terserempak again ma >.<"

"U no heart ge! I dowan tell u, give me your phone, I type there."


"Nah done, I save already, u slowly find from your contact list la, see which name is new there."

"Sorry la, I will remember next time. Where you live? I walk you home la, so late already."

"Erm... Jalan 4"

"Har? The row behind my house only? Me Jalan 6.."

"Then ok la, so near, u walk me home lo.."

Walks home together...

to be continued...

牛劲@Thai Temple

This was totally unexpected...

Was having dim sum breakfast with some folks who came up from KL for a spin, and decided to head to the Thai Temple *a.k.a Siamese Temple* nearby Gurney.

While in the temple, I decided to go for the 50cents Wheel of Fortune and get myself a fortune reading. This is what I got:

Cannot comprehend? Of course, because it's all in Thai. But nevermind, there's Chinese translation on the paper as well.

Cannot comprehend also? Bananas please put your hand up..

But fret not, they even have English translation on that piece of paper...

Although it's quite blur, but still readable right?

... Some people will assist you to get a better position than you are holding now ...

Judging from my current workload and multiple roles, this could happen... hmm...

... because your luck in love is very good at present. ...

This felt like a huge slap on my face, and my yet-to-heal heart...

牛劲@Birthday Present

Have been putting this off long enough.. let's resume now..

Continuing from this post, I mentioned I got my 1st birthday present of this year from leng ma, now I'm going to blog about this present...

What's this 2GB thing? So small and thin, memory card?

How come got a cute toy with it ge? Got 3 parts, maybe need to assemble it..

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 - done!

So, what the hell does this thing do?

It slots nicely into the USB port of my laptop...

It launches just like how a thumb drive launches...

Because, that's exactly what it is! A thumb drive, minus the casing, plus the cute toy cover~

Thanks leng ma~~ muacksss~~~

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Wu Shen Lun - Huang Li Xing

我希望 相信世界有 奇蹟出現
我想要 我們的童話 不只是瞬間

我希望今後都能快樂 永不分離
但我上不去天堂 我不能夠陪你
不存在一種永恆 不相信世界有神

死亡是不是終點 會停止想念
不能再親吻你的臉 不管我有多懷念

我真的希望我們快樂 永不分離
只有你能上天堂 我到不了那裡
不存在一種永恆 不相信世界有神

只要想念沒改變 不管多遠 我會在你心裡面

Sorry for Last Night

I was thinking whether or not to write this up, but I know it is useless to talk to you guys anyway, you'd probably don't wanna talk about it at all and say what's done is done.

I really just wanna express what really was going on with me last night, I'd feel better voicing out, regardless of whether you guys choose to understand or to ignore..

I'm really very grateful for the surprise party last night. I really am. I know you guys went quite some distance to plan this up. THANK YOU!!!

But I was really in quite a mess last night. I was in severe headache/migraine/kepala pening/whatever you wanna call it. It's not the 1st time I felt this way, I've had it few times before back when I was working for the company in Shah Alam when I do night supports job. It's probably due to the lack of sleep + too much stress, and not some sickness.

It's just that, when it happened last time, I was usually at home and went straight to bed before it got worse. Yesterday, the dizziness really begin to kick in about 3pm, after we came back from lunch. To be honest, I was seriously contemplating ffk for the dinner, but since you guys said it is to continue celebrating Cath's birthday *I really didn't suspect that it was for me at all at that stage*, and I've got Cath fat lan zha at me for considering sleeping the night out at home.

"If you don't want to eat, just go and sit sit la" ... so well, no show is not an option..

I know I was like a dead man sitting it out throughout dinner, I think you guys noticed that too. The headache was still bearable at that point, since I wasn't using much brain power. The turning point was when the cake came. Now I know that the whole fuss is for me.

To be honest, yeah, I didn't know how to react to this surprise celebration. I was grateful, I was touched *still am*, but I haven't have this kind of thing happening before. Birthdays are usually low profile occasions for me.

I really tried to express my gratitude at that point. Blowing candles, cutting cake, posing with the present, photos, I really did try to make an effort to appreciate all these, but I guess, these things drained the last ounce of my brain energy for the night.

After that my head really begin to feel like a spinning rock. I couldn't really focus and couldn't be totally aware of what was going on. I could vaguely hear you guys laughing and having fun. But the pain at the back of the head was overpowering me, so, besides making some simple gestures that I'm down and almost out, and trying to find a suitable pose to rest my head, I was pretty much helpless.

I didn't intend for that. I tried to make a few gestures for attention *I guess*, but I couldn't get any response. After awhile, I was really stranded helplessly and besides trying to make my head comfortable, I really couldn't think of anything else.

I didn't. In fact, I'm feeling guilty as a pig. I kind of ruined a surprise party that you guys throw at me, albeit not on purpose.

The reason I'm posting this up is because I know it is a waste of time trying get you guys' attention to talk about this. I know I'd be brushed off if I try to bring this topic on. But I really want you guys to know, I REALLY DIDN'T MEAN TO PLAY SICK LAST NIGHT, MY CONDITION WAS REALLY THAT BAD, and I AM REALLY GRATEFUL TO HAVE YOU GUYS AS FRIENDS.

Btw, the headache is not really a sickness, it's gone with a deep slumber for a night.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

牛劲@New Friend

Remember this? Well,

Now you see,

Now you don't!

How come ah? Did I finally made up my mind to dump it?

Nope.. I did get rid of it, but not to the dumps,

But to this cute little girl.

Her name is Kinny, she is 6 years old, and she is my 靓妈 leng ma's daughter *leng ma is.. erm.. erm.. some sort of like... 契妈 kai ma?*

I finally got to meet up with leng ma after a couple of failed dates. We met up at Sunway Pyramid last Monday.

Didn't do much, just went to a Belgian fries frites specialty shop at the... 1st or 2nd floor? It's called Pommes Frites. They basically sells big fat fries with lots of different type of dips. Me, leng ma and Kinny, we ordered 1 with strawberry (yes STRAWBERRY, S.T.R.A.W.B.E.R.R.Y) dip, and another 1 with their so called Secret Weapon dip.

The strawberry 1 was nice, but the Secret Weapon, I think it's better if they keep it a secret and keep it low profile =.=||.

Frites, ice lemon tea, and chit chat all the way. It was great fun to chit chat with leng ma, it was great fun playing around with hyperactive Kinny too =D. To be honest, I've never felt so relaxed for quite some time already, so it was a great day out.

Even better was, Kinny met me for the 1st time, she thinks I'm funny, and she likes me. Yay! Now I have a new friend, woohoo!! Hehehehe..

Me and Kinny

Me and leng ma

Oh ya, forgot to mention, I got my 1st birthday present too! Thanks leng ma~ Shall blog about that later...

* * * * * * * * * *

Apparently, Kinny loves her gift...

I'm pleased for Minnie too, seems like the mug found her rightful owner =)

牛劲@Homemade Pizza

Today I'm gonna show you guys some really boring stuff...

Tinned pineapple slices,

Tinned button mushrooms,

Cheddar cheese block,

Tinned tuna spread,

*WTF?? Why show all these parlia food stuff??*

Because... all these mixed together, with some flour and yeast and water, results in:


Pizza! Freshly homemade! By my mom and sis!

Look at this!

So yummy! Can die for it!

They actually did this before, they do it again for me because I went home to KL last weekend. Thanks Mom! Thanks Sis!