Sunday, March 01, 2009

20Cents: The Beginning

August 6, 2003

Another normal day, another normal morning at the bus stop, waiting for taxi bus to KL.

Bus arrived, Intrakota No 66. And as usual, Malaysian culture, everyone queue up scrambled to get on board the bus, as is the male protagonist of the story.

*FYI, Intrakota is no longer operating in KL. We used to have Intrakota and Cityliner, now they are all replaced with RapidKL*

Bus conductors are non-existent since N years ago. We put our fare into a slot, and the bus driver will print the ticket for us. One by one, the passengers put their coins and await their tickets.

It was almost his turn, but suddenly, the movement stopped with the lady in front of him. He was in a rush, as he was heading to college, and he was late.

He peeked forward and realized, the lady was short of small change. The bus fare was RM1.60, she has RM1.40 plus some RM10 notes. She was trying to get the bus driver to give her change, to no avail.

"Fark, 20 cents is holding me up" he thought, and impatience was overpowering him. He reached his pocket for the coins. Coins were something he was never short of, due to his need to take the bus all the time.

"Here, take this" he said, as he passed the 20 cents to the lady. He just wanted to get the bus moving ASAP, and.. and.. since the lady looks not bad pun, no harm helping her what. After all, it's just 20 cents.

She took it gratefully, paid the fare, and the queue begin to move again. Everyone paid, got their tickets, soon the bus begin to move.

It was the 1st stop for the bus, so there were ample seats. He chose his seat, sat down, and begin setting up his discman. While he was at it, he felt someone sit down beside him. It was her.

"Hi, thanks for the coin just now, I would be helpless if not for that"

"Nah, it's alright, it's just 20 cents"

"I'll make it up to you next time. How can I contact you?"

"It's ok la, it's just 20 cents, no need mafan la hehehe"

*deep down inside, he cursed himself "Shit! Sendiri screw up chance to kenal a chick! >.<"*
"Err.. really no need meh?""If we ada jodoh, bump into each other again, then only I give you my contact la"

"Like that ah.. ok la, see we ada jodoh anot ^^"

*bendan, next time terserempak, terus pay you back mai can lo, sumore need exchange contact meh*

"Then, tell me your name can anot? My name is Elene"

"Err... Choon Leong, can call me Leong saja"

"Call you 两角钱哥哥 Leong Kok Qin Gor Gor can? Since you help me 20 cents just now"

" =.=||| Sui bian you la, hehehe"

He proceeds to close his eyes and pretends to sleep enjoy the songs on his discman. Not much conversation until Ampang Park, where he hops off the bus to take the LRT to college.

to be continued...


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Ahhh... i see where this is going...

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slowly see la..

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so sweet =]