Thursday, March 12, 2009

20Cents: Unofficial 1st Date

It's been quite some time already since this encounter, he didn't actually bother to call her up at all, neither did she call all this while..

Saturday classes were always a pain in the ass, as is today... the usual routine, LRT from Taman Melati to Ampang Park...

He was rushing out to the gates when... he saw her. She didn't see him, and he keep thinking: "Should I? Should I not?"

He took out his phone, searched for her number, and called. He watched her answer the call, and quickly hid behind a pillar..

"哥哥 Gor Gor!! Wah, you called me!! I was wondering if you will never call!!"

* swtzz -.-||* "Erm.. hahahaha so excited meh.. I just felt like, get phone number from lenglui but never call, wasted ma"

He peeked out, and realized she was turning her head around, as if looking for someone... probably him.... smart chick...

"How ah lenglui, I sien sien dei today, wan date you for lunch, can mou?"

"You call me lenglui, sure can la hehehe~ but I now not at home wor, you have to wait for me to come back 1st, I'm on my way now"

"No need la, you just get out of the station, got a Pizza Hut nearby, we eat there la, the set lunch quite cheap"

A few seconds silence...

"Where are you??!!! I knew it la!! You saw me!! Don't hide!! Come out la!!!"

"What hide? Where got hide jek? I'm on the bus la, almost reach Ampang Park, somehow I got a feeling you are there ma, who knows, maybe we 心有灵犀 sum yau ling sai leh"

"Yerr!! Don't play la!! Faster come out!!!"

"Also said on the bus lo, how to come out? You want anot ge? We meet at Pizza Hut la~"

"Hmmpphhhh!!! Gik sei ngor la!!! Dowan d la!!"

"Belanja you wor?"

"OK! Want then!"


He watched her exit the gate and disappear into the corridor, and then made his way out as well.

5 minutes later...

He went in, and saw her seated at a corner, pouting.

"Wei.. don't liddat la.. belanja makan still wanna see you nau gai meh?"

"I know you were taking the LRT also ge just now, you hiding dowan come out, gik sei ngor la! Make me walk here alone!!"

"Erm... you stupid jek ma, if you wait at the corridor after exiting the gate, then you will be able to catch me coming out behind you.."

"Arrhhh!!!! How come I didn't think of that??!!! : ("

"Because you 笨笨 bun bun lo, I call you 小笨笨 little bun bun la, since you call me nicknames also, hehehehe"

That day, they had 2 sets of the RM7.95 pizza lunch set. And instead of going home straightaway, went lepak-lepak at KLCC. That could probably be classified as an unofficial 1st date for them...

to be continued...

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Belle said...

wah fucking mou gun dung. Siu bun bun WTF! rofl! its so hot here i can even feel sweat on panty lines but really these conversation, frost me