Sunday, March 08, 2009

20Cents:The Second Encounter

It was a Tuesday night. Lousy timetable for the semester means he's got a night lecture session, 6-8pm.

Usually that didn't matter to him at all, because he's the self-proclaimed PK [Ponteng King]. *which would soon be upgraded to PG [Ponteng God]* But it was different on that day, it was mid-term test, with a 10% contribution to the final exam, so it was compulsory to show up.

Anyway, he went, did the test, then went home.

It was almost 9.30pm when he got off the bus nearby home. He's not had dinner yet, and the only eatery still operating was:

Too much fast food is bad for health, but he was hungry. So in he went, made his order and went upstairs with his food.

He was making his go at the food when, suddenly,

"两角钱哥哥 Leong Kok Qin Gor Gor!"

What the?? This name.. where'd he heard this name before? Momentarily, he couldn't recall. He turned his head, and suddenly, he remembered.

"Ah? You.. you are... oh! You ah! Hi, what a coincidence!"

She was alone too.. what the fark is she doing in KFC alone in the middle of the night? And she just sat down right next to him without asking.

"So cham meh, eat KFC alone at night?"

"Same same la, I just finished class ma.. you leh, you also just finish class meh?"

"Can say so la, I stayed back late to do complete some assignments."


Makan... makan... a few random chatters...

"Eh, I remember you said, if we bump into each other again, then we exchange contacts."

"Erm, got meh? Ahahaha okok, since we 甘有缘 gam yau yuen, exchange mai exchange lo."

Exchange contacts...

"Ah.. ah... erm..."


"I forgot your name..."

"Har?? Hmmpphhh!!!"

"Sorry la, I really didn't expect we can terserempak again ma >.<"

"U no heart ge! I dowan tell u, give me your phone, I type there."


"Nah done, I save already, u slowly find from your contact list la, see which name is new there."

"Sorry la, I will remember next time. Where you live? I walk you home la, so late already."

"Erm... Jalan 4"

"Har? The row behind my house only? Me Jalan 6.."

"Then ok la, so near, u walk me home lo.."

Walks home together...

to be continued...


Belle said...

wanna come my house coffee before heading home? HAHAHHA

RealGunners said...

u hamtai too much la =.=||