Tuesday, March 03, 2009

牛劲@Homemade Pizza

Today I'm gonna show you guys some really boring stuff...

Tinned pineapple slices,

Tinned button mushrooms,

Cheddar cheese block,

Tinned tuna spread,

*WTF?? Why show all these parlia food stuff??*

Because... all these mixed together, with some flour and yeast and water, results in:


Pizza! Freshly homemade! By my mom and sis!

Look at this!

So yummy! Can die for it!

They actually did this before, they do it again for me because I went home to KL last weekend. Thanks Mom! Thanks Sis!


AsX said...

And at first i thought you were the person making this... btw, no mozzarella cheese?

Belle said...

T-T...make for me!

Kim said...

Kinny say "nei jau hou la yau tak sek pizza, kinny dou mou tak sek"

RealGunners said...

asx: gunners handmade pizza? akan datang.. mozarella cheese more mahal ma, hahaha
belle: coming soon..
leng ma: next time i make and tapao giv u all la, or.. i go ur house make, gao dou ur kitchen macam world war 2 XD