Monday, March 02, 2009

牛劲@KL Traffic

I thought it was just my imagination. It was probably a case of me getting used to Penang's way of traffic and found it difficult to re-adjust to KL's way of traffic.

But, an extended driving trip at similar places at similar times today, I manage to compare the situation now and 1 year ago when I was working in KL, I can exclaim with 95% level of confidence: KL traffic now is getting worse compared to when I last drove actively in KL, approximately 1 year ago!!

Scenario 1:

I was driving around city centre, trying to revisit a few memorable places. I used to take leaves to freshen up myself, and I used to know detours and shortcuts to take around the city during peak hours. But today,

Shortcuts no longer cut short the traveling time, detours now serve to longer the distance and shorten longer the traveling time =.=

Scenario 2:

I used to travel the Federal Highway a lot around 2-3pm, when I was heading back to office in Shah Alam from customers' sites in KL, traffic used to be a nuisance here, there were lots of cars and I have to tread my way through precariously. So I decided to use this road to go to Sunway Pyramid today, but,

No need to play Michael Schumacher and weave through traffic. It was so congested that all I need to do is step on gas, brake, gas, brake, gas, brake... work definitely cut short, but not traveling time.

Scenario 3:

I left the Pyramid, passed by the LDP toll and entered the KESAS Highway around 6.15pm. When I was working in Shah Alam, this is also about the time when I normally pass by this exit from the highway itself. So I decided to time my journey home. Usually, if I passed by the Sunway exit around 6.15pm, I would be home by 7pm, latest 7.10pm.

Today, I reached home 7.45pm. Back then, the KESAS Highway was smooth flowing even after the Awan Besar toll, all the way until somewhere near Bukit Jalil when the jam begins. Now, the jam starts right after the toll, which spells out to about an additional 3km of traffic jam.

My conclusion is, traffic pattern in KL has been turned upside down compared to 1 year ago. Places where you used to be able to step on the accelerator smoothly and go 90-100km/h in relax mode, now you have to weave through traffic and stay 110% focused; places where you used to have to weave through and stay focused, now you can relax because it is so congested that all you can do is step on the gas, then brake, wait, gas again, brake again, wait again, and so on..

KL.. KL... haihz....

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