Monday, March 09, 2009

牛劲@The Misadventures of the Botanic Garden

Was supposed to be jogging at the Botanic Garden with 靓姐 leng jie this morning. Picked her up around 7.40am, then headed into town.

Both of us have never been to the Botanic Garden before, so we basically followed the road signs.

It was going quite well, but suddenly, we reached a junction where there's no road signs showing Kebun Bunga/Botanic Garden anymore. So we took a turn, and another, and another, and suddenly found ourselves facing Gurney Plaza =.="

Turned around, not satisfied, determined to find this elusive park, we made a few more turns, went uphill and downhill, made another turn, and suddenly, we were staring at Island Plaza =.=""

WTF??!! Where the heck is this Botanic Garden??

We decided to give up jogging and look for a place for breakfast instead. It was then that I noticed the road sign stating Jalan Mount Erskine. Wait a minute.. this sounds.. familiar... then I remembered, I read it from this post from KY.

Hokkien Mee with wantan noodles, I told leng jie about this, she was quite interested as well.. hmm.. might as well give it a try. We found the marketplace easily, and went looking for the stall.

However, to our dismay, contrary to what we thought, there was not 1, but 3 stalls offering this Hokkien Mee with wantan noodle combi. How ah?? I have no idea which is the stall KY mentioned in his post. To make things worse, I couldn't find the store that supposingly sells this Haw Flakes drink =.="

Since we have no idea which stall to choose from, we just randomly picked 1 and ordered..

Hokkien Mee with wantan noodles

To be honest... yeah it is special, but... probably it's just me not used to it, I felt that this combi doesn't really go down that well...

Just as we were leaving, suddenly, I spotted that 5001 stall! I didn't see it earlier because it was on the other side, facing the main road.

Well, since I saw the stall, gotta try the drink out eh?

Tapao Haw Flakes drink

Again... sorry KY, but.. I don't feel any Wow! factor drinking this. In fact, I thought that it tasted quite similar to a certain sour plum juice...

Not being able to find the place we wanted to go, then went to eat something that didn't really come close to my expectations.. seems like the morning is not that great..

But, it was great too, because I've got leng jie as company, and I've got my 3rd birthday present of the year!

Harvey Norman... what can it be?


Closer view

Creative = branded

Stereo backphones is the name,

Although I prefer to call it headphone =.="

Thanks leng jie~ muacksss~~ you actually remembered I mentioned about my current headphone being too bulky and uncomfortable to use when I wanna watch porn and tfk in the room wanna watch animes/listen to songs in high volume in the middle of the night without disturbing my neighbours.

Now I can gladly wave goodbye to:

Big headphone

I really wanted to post a photo of leng jie up here, but since she insisted on keeping a low profile and not let anyone know about her, I'll respect her desire.

Thanks leng jie~ I'll definitely return favor when it is your turn, just wait and see =)

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