Sunday, March 01, 2009

牛劲@Shut Up

In response to Mr LKC (you know who you are),
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There are things that you cannot say. Sometimes, people who you think are true friends, really are just friends that are maybe a little bit closer than normal friends. There are things that you just cannot say to them.

I know what you mean when you said true friends are supposed to voice out when you feel the way they think or do things are inappropriate. This statement is very true, but, referring to the paragraph before, it does not apply when your friends are not exactly the way you think they are.

Maybe I'll point out the characteristics of a true friend. A true friend is a friend who understands what you think, knows what you want without needing you to explain in detail to him/her. You might not spend alot of time together, or do very many things together, but the time you spent are all quality time, whatever you do together are meaningful and helpful to each other.

There are many friends who are.. good friends, erm... satu gang, a few gangs maybe, go movies, go partay and stuff maybe, sometimes you might feel, you spend so much time together, they are true friends. Then you think you can behave the way you are, naturally, and they would understand and accept you no matter how your natural way is.

Alas, when you do just that (like what you did), suddenly you realize, your friends suddenly feel that you are weird, you are demanding, hmm... think too much maybe.. then frictions occur, and your friendship becomes strained. Suddenly, you realized, what you thought was reasonable, or the appropriate way to do things, your friends beg to differ.

This is when you should behave yourself. Because those guys cannot comprehend what you think are sensible, if you insist on voicing out, you would of course run into trouble. The best thing to do is just SHUT UP and get on with it. Just reset your mind and tell yourself, they are not those who would understand your point, and you are the minority weirdo in the pack. There really is no point to insist when nobody will accept. You either go with the flow, or you get out of the flow and find another river that understands you and suits you.
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Hope what I said help you think clearly. But then and again, what I mentioned would probably just seem sensible and reasonable to me, but not to others. After all, I am 1 of the minority as well...

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Belle said...

god..i have issues with "friend" as well..thing is..mine falls apart.hope yours..can walk thru.