Monday, April 27, 2009

Racing 33

I'm gonna blog about my new turbocharged high speed toy.

Ladies and gentleman, monkeys and elephants, introducing the Racing 33 Sports Car!

Front View

Side View

45° View

This baby produces 359 horsepowers and 388Nm torque at 6000 rpm. It does 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. Awesome, isn't it??

I took it for a run down just now, to see how well it drifts... yes it drifts the shit better than a certain AE86...

Enters the corner

Zero-counter, 4-wheel drift!

I know... I know what you wanna say....

Childish... Mou Liu... Sohai... Totji....

Actually I got this car when I bought a box of Honey Stars *background shouts TIU!! REALLY SMALL KID!!* . The car was inside the box. I put the stickers on myself and momentarily enjoyed myself like a 4 year old, hahahaha..

That's what we do when we were kids, right? Getting a lousy toy and imagining it to be a supercar or spaceship or something... it's fun to behave like kids again, all the time once in a while...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plan B4

If I keep this up, I think I'm gonna have a full fledged menu for a certain 'Ah Leong Home Cook Delights' chain eateries very soon...

鸡蛋瘦肉粥 Egg and Thin Meat Porridge

Thin meat consist of both chicken and pork....

Looks nice?


The downturn is so bad that for some companies, anything goes...

Even for this renowned fashion and accessories brand with its own chain outlets...

Guess what's inside the bag?

I'll give you a hint... Forever21 is going to venture into the oriental food business as part of its diversification plan....







Nah just kidding, someone who wanted to give me that oriental food put it into that bag. Those homemade dumplings, they're really good la, so good that I forgot to take pichas before eating...

Thanks, pang yao~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plan B3

Plan B1 = tomyam noodles,

Plan B2 = chilli noodles,

Here's Plan B3...

Hehehe, Wa punya char puay, apa macham? Looks not bad right?

*char = fried, puay = rice, maka char puay = fried rice, I think..*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

20Cents: Our Place

Have been putting it aside for quite some time already, just felt like doing another one today..

I believe every couple have their own little place that.. how to say.. belongs to them, it is their secret hideout OR sacred paktor place OR where they first met OR where they made it official OR whatever shit you can think of..

Same goes for them. Their place was where they went to to spend time together, most of the time...

Actually, they have 2 places, they usually go to this 2 places together, go to the first place, then to the second place, it's correlated....

That's the first place, KFC Ampang Park..

So what'd they do there? Well, they go there to shop for groceries..... of course..... NOT...

This was what they ordered, every time... I mean.. yes, EVERY TIME.. 2 pieces of chicken, 1 for him and 1 for her; 2 whipped potato, 1 for her and 1 for him; 1 bun, him 1 mouth then her 1 mouth...... savvy?

After eating up at the first place, they would travel to the second place by foot..

Would have to cross this pedestrian bridge..

Actually, it's just a normal, lousy pedestrian bridge, but it's a bridge that they share wonderful moments together... they'd always stay on top of the bridge for a little while, just to take a breather after walking under the sun for 10 minutes..

Sometimes, they would spend more than a little while on the bridge, watching the traffic on the roads below, watching the sky, staring at each other, kissing when no one is watching....

Immediately after crossing the pedestrian bridge, they'd arrive at the second place of theirs..

What the heck is this building, you might ask..

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia = Malaysia National Library

This is where they would spend 1 whole day reading different type of books in all corners of the library. It was almost a weekly routine for them... they frequent the library much more than they do on shopping malls...

After all, this is a cheap and healthy way of dating, right?

(Didn't manage to go in when I wanted to take pichas that day, it was closed...)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wealth Protection

I'm sick of being told that buying insurance is wealth protection for you. I know you are trying to score a sales, but I already bought one for myself last year, and I don't intend on getting another one anytime soon. I won't be able to afford it at the moment anyway...

When you keep bullshitting about this insurance is wealth protection for you, what you do is just remind me from a quote from Rich Dad:

When the bank tells you your house is an asset, they are not lying to you, they just fail to tell you whose asset it is. Your house is actually the bank's asset and your liability.

By my definition, to protect your own wealth, you need to be in control of it, including how you wanna use it, when you wanna use it, and it being easily accessible when you need it. Keeping your money in the bank, buying real estate, buying securities, mutual fund, etc..

When someone comes and tell me something like, life insurance is wealth protection for you, it always got me baffled. What those packages do is that you pay your monthly premium, and you won't be able to access them unless you get some serious illness, or when you die the money will be passed on to your family. You basically have no access to the fortune if you are alive and well.

When the insurance agent tells you that life insurance is wealth protection, they are not lying, they just fail to mention the truth. Life insurance protects your wealth FROM you, more than it protects your wealth for you.

But then, of course, that's just my personal opinion. And when my opinion is as such, 1 policy is enough for me, I won't feel like I need many more of these things...

Plan B2

As we all know, diversity is the keyword today. So Plan B must come with B2, right?

Garlic Chili Mee, doesn't look like it, because the garlic chili sauce is mixed in the noodles already.

Instead of half an egg, I'll throw in 1 whole egg. Nice?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009









Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plan B

In trying times like this, when even managers are worried for their own rice bowls, it is always a good idea to have a plan B.

This is my plan B..

I'm sure if I put 2 more pieces of vegetable leaves, 2 more slices of meatball, 2 more droplets of tomyam paste and sell RM0.20 cheaper than that uncle in the stall nearby, I should be fine..

Friday, April 10, 2009


Sighzz... I'm going to blog about my birthday 'eve' party, which happened more than a month ago, because I just remembered to copy photos from Peggy last night... thanks for ze' photos, Peggy~

Location: Sunset Bistro, Batu Ferringhi
Date: March 6 2009

Seriously, I absototalutely did not see this coming. Those guys keep telling me that it was celebration for Cath. In fact, I was planning on not going, I was down with severe headache, probably due to the stress of many things hitting me simultaneously.. then Cath came and fat lan zha on me and threatened to go home if I no show. Thinking it was her birthday party, I had to comply la, given this threat, right?

Bistro by the beach, so damn romantic right? Watching sunset somemore, fuiyoh~! But then.. there's 1 minor nuisance... there's a fuck load of mosquitos at the beach =.=

Overall is still ok though...

Candid 1

Ze' food

Candid 2

Group photo


Up till the time when they bring the cake out, I was still thinking that they are celebrating Cath's birthday, until when they place the cake in front of me @.@


让我们Make a fish wish, make a fish wish, 闭上眼睛愿望是口井许愿被偷拍...

Cut cake revision 1: normal mode

Cut cake revision 2: ban yeh mode

Even got birthday pressie~


Nice shirt~

Group photo again~

Actually, I don't know what happened after this photo. I mentioned, I was down with severe headache didn't I? Basically, it just got worst and my head felt like a 10 tonnes rock. I just sat there letting my head drop to the back trying to relax my brains..

But the bottom line is, I really appreciate you guys doing this for me, thanks thanks thanks~~ muacksss to all~~~ Happy Birthday to me~~~

Monday, April 06, 2009


It saddens me to hear such an occurence..

Last night (Sunday), I got news that 1 of my friends in KL was hospitalized, he was down with high fever..

Apparently, he was down with it since Thursday morning, he did not leave his bed, and his non suspecting house mates left for college as usual. He was too weak to even be able to make a phone call or text anyone to inform of his sickness..

He probably fainted halfway through the day, because he did not make a noise even when his house mates came back in the evening, and they were not aware of his situation at all.. I mean, they probably don't give a shit on what he's up to anyway..

Nobody wondered about his whereabouts, not his house mates apparently, not his course mates, not his lecturers.. and understandably so. I mean, it is so fucking normal for a college student to just oversleep and not go to college, really, who cares?

It was that night when his mom called him a few times and got no response, then she called his house mates, they went to check his room out, and realized in horror that he had fainted. That was how he got hospitalized. Thank Buddha that he's alright, and he's now able to give me a phone call to talk about his ordeal...

It saddens me to hear his story, because if the same thing happened to me here, I'm pretty sure that things won't be much better. If 1 day I didn't get out of my bed, will anyone notice and wonder what's going on with me? If I fainted, will anyone realize soon enough? Suddenly it felt kinda depressive to be away from home alone..

That day, had his mom not call him out of the blue, he probably would've continue lying in bed without anyone noticing, until when someone smells some stink coming out of his room. Really, like what we Cantonese say, 死咗都冇人知 sei jor dou mou yan zhi, nobody would notice even if you died..

Dudes out there who's toiling alone away from home, especially those without girlfriend or something, please take care of yourself, try your best not to fall sick, because if you do, it'd be really nasty...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ah! My Goddess

Lately I've been rewatching another of my favourite OVA @ Original Video Anime...

Feels kinda... refreshing... watching this too-good-to-be-true love story again...

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Dinner place today, I never know such a restaurant existed in such a place...

Restaurant name: Didn't pay attention, forgot..
Location: beside the Lembaga Perikanan or something, Batu Maung...

The restaurant is lavishly furnished (by Malay restaurant standards), feels like a 3 star hotel eatery.. even their cashier area looks like a hotel reception...

The table.. usually you only see the "spinning wheel" in Chinese restaurant... racial harmony eh?

When we get hungry, we get hostile, hehehe~

Sotong Goreng Tepung (small)

Kangkung Belacan (small)

Telur Bistik (medium)

Kari Daging Ikan (3 pieces)

There's another medium Ayam.. Ayam Padprik.. I think..

4 rice, 4 drinks..


Food is nice, but abit overpriced I think... if you enjoy eating Malay food in nice, cosy and air-cond environment, then yeah, this place is for you...