Tuesday, April 21, 2009

20Cents: Our Place

Have been putting it aside for quite some time already, just felt like doing another one today..

I believe every couple have their own little place that.. how to say.. belongs to them, it is their secret hideout OR sacred paktor place OR where they first met OR where they made it official OR whatever shit you can think of..

Same goes for them. Their place was where they went to to spend time together, most of the time...

Actually, they have 2 places, they usually go to this 2 places together, go to the first place, then to the second place, it's correlated....

That's the first place, KFC Ampang Park..

So what'd they do there? Well, they go there to shop for groceries..... of course..... NOT...

This was what they ordered, every time... I mean.. yes, EVERY TIME.. 2 pieces of chicken, 1 for him and 1 for her; 2 whipped potato, 1 for her and 1 for him; 1 bun, him 1 mouth then her 1 mouth...... savvy?

After eating up at the first place, they would travel to the second place by foot..

Would have to cross this pedestrian bridge..

Actually, it's just a normal, lousy pedestrian bridge, but it's a bridge that they share wonderful moments together... they'd always stay on top of the bridge for a little while, just to take a breather after walking under the sun for 10 minutes..

Sometimes, they would spend more than a little while on the bridge, watching the traffic on the roads below, watching the sky, staring at each other, kissing when no one is watching....

Immediately after crossing the pedestrian bridge, they'd arrive at the second place of theirs..

What the heck is this building, you might ask..

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia = Malaysia National Library

This is where they would spend 1 whole day reading different type of books in all corners of the library. It was almost a weekly routine for them... they frequent the library much more than they do on shopping malls...

After all, this is a cheap and healthy way of dating, right?

(Didn't manage to go in when I wanted to take pichas that day, it was closed...)

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