Friday, April 10, 2009


Sighzz... I'm going to blog about my birthday 'eve' party, which happened more than a month ago, because I just remembered to copy photos from Peggy last night... thanks for ze' photos, Peggy~

Location: Sunset Bistro, Batu Ferringhi
Date: March 6 2009

Seriously, I absototalutely did not see this coming. Those guys keep telling me that it was celebration for Cath. In fact, I was planning on not going, I was down with severe headache, probably due to the stress of many things hitting me simultaneously.. then Cath came and fat lan zha on me and threatened to go home if I no show. Thinking it was her birthday party, I had to comply la, given this threat, right?

Bistro by the beach, so damn romantic right? Watching sunset somemore, fuiyoh~! But then.. there's 1 minor nuisance... there's a fuck load of mosquitos at the beach =.=

Overall is still ok though...

Candid 1

Ze' food

Candid 2

Group photo


Up till the time when they bring the cake out, I was still thinking that they are celebrating Cath's birthday, until when they place the cake in front of me @.@


让我们Make a fish wish, make a fish wish, 闭上眼睛愿望是口井许愿被偷拍...

Cut cake revision 1: normal mode

Cut cake revision 2: ban yeh mode

Even got birthday pressie~


Nice shirt~

Group photo again~

Actually, I don't know what happened after this photo. I mentioned, I was down with severe headache didn't I? Basically, it just got worst and my head felt like a 10 tonnes rock. I just sat there letting my head drop to the back trying to relax my brains..

But the bottom line is, I really appreciate you guys doing this for me, thanks thanks thanks~~ muacksss to all~~~ Happy Birthday to me~~~


Belle said...

BELATED!!!!! why is the shirt not black and white! ngam u MUAHAHAH

RealGunners said...

why black and white??

Belle said...

mother...u are so slow..
bw ..prisoner.