Monday, April 06, 2009


It saddens me to hear such an occurence..

Last night (Sunday), I got news that 1 of my friends in KL was hospitalized, he was down with high fever..

Apparently, he was down with it since Thursday morning, he did not leave his bed, and his non suspecting house mates left for college as usual. He was too weak to even be able to make a phone call or text anyone to inform of his sickness..

He probably fainted halfway through the day, because he did not make a noise even when his house mates came back in the evening, and they were not aware of his situation at all.. I mean, they probably don't give a shit on what he's up to anyway..

Nobody wondered about his whereabouts, not his house mates apparently, not his course mates, not his lecturers.. and understandably so. I mean, it is so fucking normal for a college student to just oversleep and not go to college, really, who cares?

It was that night when his mom called him a few times and got no response, then she called his house mates, they went to check his room out, and realized in horror that he had fainted. That was how he got hospitalized. Thank Buddha that he's alright, and he's now able to give me a phone call to talk about his ordeal...

It saddens me to hear his story, because if the same thing happened to me here, I'm pretty sure that things won't be much better. If 1 day I didn't get out of my bed, will anyone notice and wonder what's going on with me? If I fainted, will anyone realize soon enough? Suddenly it felt kinda depressive to be away from home alone..

That day, had his mom not call him out of the blue, he probably would've continue lying in bed without anyone noticing, until when someone smells some stink coming out of his room. Really, like what we Cantonese say, 死咗都冇人知 sei jor dou mou yan zhi, nobody would notice even if you died..

Dudes out there who's toiling alone away from home, especially those without girlfriend or something, please take care of yourself, try your best not to fall sick, because if you do, it'd be really nasty...

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