Saturday, May 30, 2009

20Cents: First Valentine's

A few months into the relationship,

"Bun Bun, today Valentine's Day, jom I bring you to somewhere.."

"Where? Want bring me to some isolated place and then...?"


"Don't talk nonsense la!!!"

"Erm.. okok~"

So they took the taxi, about an hour later...

"Oooo wan bring me come KL Tower watch night view ah... wei!! No flowers no chocolates meh?? >.<"

"Erm, me so poor, I pay for your entrance tickets la, can anot?"
"Yerrrr!! Haih nvm la"

Into the lift, up they go, up they go... the lift door opens... but it doesn't look like the viewing deck...
"Eh? Like not this floor, how come they open here ah?"

She tried to confront the attendant, but he pulled her back..

"Correct la, is this floor la! Don't ask so much.. Let's go..."

A moment later, she finally realized...

"Wah!!! Spinning restaurant!!!"

"Ngek ngek ngek... how how? This entrance fee very gao already. Chocolates go and take from the buffet servings can anot??"

"You.... wan yeh!! I really thought our first Valentine's Day so lousy one...."

"Erm... you stupid only ma~~ so memorable day, you think I will main main meh?"


"Erm mat guai jek? Issit very lum leh? Wan tell me anything anot?"

"Erm... Thank you~~"

"Hah??!! Nono, not this one.. I want got 3 words ge"

She paused for 3 seconds, and then...

"Thank you darling!"

His turn to pause for 3 seconds, and then...

"Wei! So cheating one you! Not this 3 words la!"

"Aiya don't kacau la, hungry la, let's go eat la ok? Hehehehe"


"Wei don't run away la~ Say la say la~~~"

End up, he spent RM200 that day, and still unable to hear that 3 sacred words....

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-p.c- said...

wah. romantic nyer~