Saturday, May 09, 2009

Penang Village

I was finally back in KL after almost 2 months. It was probably the longest I've spent without going back..

Now I can finally get a good few days rest at home, away from Penang... or so I thought...

Me' Surian mates had other ideas. We came out for dinner on Saturday night (last Saturday, sorry for the late post =.=).. they said they wanna bring me to a place that I'm very familiar with... we ended up in Times Square, and these jokers, they brought me to this place:

Penang Village... great =.="

Well to be honest, OK lah, got air-cond, nice comfortable environment...

They even serve rice in an interesting looking plate:

But the mind-boggling thing was, I'm not sure why they name the restaurant Penang Village. Their menu resembles nothing Penang-ish to me...

Anyway, the food:

Two Style Kailan #1

Two Style Kailan #2

Claypot Tofu

Fish Head Curry

Forgot-what-what chicken

Actually, their menu looks similar to the ones at Cozy House, Great Eastern Mall. Food wise, I prefer Cozy House more lah, because it is run by my friend's family... hehehe..

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