Thursday, May 07, 2009

Plan B.2

Brief update about life back in Penang..

Back in the office, my new hair style gained me a few new nicknames.. list down those that I remember:

1. The Rock Lok
2. Askar Wataniah
4. Communist
5. etc...

I know I managed to shock quite a few people, even though I have been harping on wanting to flash a botak head for quite some time already. But, to be honest, really that bad meh?? Actually, I got a few compliments that I look better like this..

The reason I'm doing this is because 1) Wanna cut cost, no need use so much shampoo, and no need use gel, and frequent the barber less; 2) Wanna have a change on myself, hopefully to drive away bad luck and bad mood.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ok let's finally get into elaborating my title...

Plan B was more or less a failure, I didn't mention it in the post, basically I put too little tomyam paste into the soup and it's got no taste at all!

Today, I decided to come up with a revised version: Plan B.2

More ingredients

Basically, I just increased the number of pork balls and vege by 2 times, and the tomyam paste by 5 times...

*Oi! Not tomyam noodles meh? Mana itu noodles??*

Nah nah nah noodles


End result: If you want me to rate based on 100 marks, I think Plan B would be 45, Plan B.2 would be 95... hehehehehe!!!!


LengMa said...

LOve this One.. but weather so hot u eat spicy food Ok mea???

RealGunners said...

hehehe.. ok ge, sick jor mai go see doc lo, free ge ma kekeke..