Monday, June 29, 2009

Monkey Education

Side note: My new house is still yet to be installed with phone line and Streamyx, so all the posts related to pictures I take with my V3x will have to wait; am now currently utilising office resources to go online and blog at night...
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Scenario 1:

A research group put five monkeys in a cage. There was an escape route available, which a monkey could access by going up a ladder to get to an escape hatch; however, if a monkey got up to the hatch, he got an electric shock and caused him to retreat. Eventually, all the monkeys got the electric shock, and also reached a point where if one of them started to climb up toward the exit the others would grab him and pull him back to keep him from getting shocked - none of the monkeys even got the chance to get shocked any longer.

Then, the researchers replaced one of the original five monkeys with a new monkey. The newcomer at some point would try to head up toward the escape hatch, and the original monkeys would grab him and pull him back down. He eventually learned to do the same with any of the others who started up the ladder. Over time, the original monkeys were replaced with new monkeys one by one. Things continued as above, with the newcomer being being pulled back while climbing the ladder by the others until he learned to do the same thing himself.

Eventually, all of the original monkeys, who had actually experienced the shocks, had been replaced by newcomers, who had never experienced the shocks. But they all still would pull back anyone who tried to climb toward the escape hatch, even though by now none of them really knew why.

The monkeys in the cage were afraid, yet they had never been shocked. They had been told by their peers to fear something, but did not know what exactly it was they were fearing.
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Scenario 2:

Conventional education put hundreds of millions people through the normal route of studying hard and getting a good and secure job. These people will then spend the rest of their lives working for money. There was an escape route available, which a man could build his own business or spend some money in investments; however, every few years, the stock markets would crash and cause economy downturns, and those who build businesses and invest lost all their money and got shocked. Eventually, all the people who put money in their businesses and investments got the shock, and also reached a point where they would warn their children to get a secure job instead of being entrepreneurs and investing because they are risky, if one of the child wants to be a businessman or investor, they would grab him and pull him back to keep him from getting shocked - none of the people even got the chance to get shocked any longer.

Then, the parents moved on and the children have their own children themselves. Their child who didn't do well at school would at some point try to use the escape route, and they would grab him and pull him back down. He eventually learned to do the same with his own children who who wanted to go that path. Over time, things continued as above, with the new generations being pulled back by the others while trying to find his own path to financial freedom, until he learned to do the same thing himself.

Eventually, all of the first generations, who had actually experienced the economic shocks, had been replaced by new generations, problem is, as time moves on, the game has changed. Now, even without building businesses and investing, those who cling on to job security get shocks as well. Look at the layoffs and WFMs all over the world.

The new generation were afraid, yet they had never been through failed investments before. They had been told by their peers to fear something, but did not know what exactly it was they were fearing. And now, even when it becomes apparent that they have to change their ways financially, they still let the same old fear dictates them.
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Now, have you been shocked before? Or are you a monkey that's afraid of a ladder?

Now, do you want to be the monkey in the cage or the monkey that fights off the pulling hands to reach the escape route?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi all, short update, I moved to a new house, no Internet, so cannot update blog, now is curi update in office...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Product

This is an advertorial of a new product I just created:

Do you know how great it is? Let me tell you...

If you have a cupboard with 1 cm thick dust, fear not, just 2 drops of my KUAT-KUAT onto the dust, and then use a cloth to wipe it through...

See? Obvious result!!!

So, interested eh? Just wait patiently, I am currently negotiating a deal to mass produce this product with several companies, it might hit the supermarket racks in 10 years time, hehehehe~

Actually I just plain mou liu, last night went to clean house because I'm moving soon, snapped this photo to show you guys how amazing the cupboard was, full of dust...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Limau Ais Hybrid

This is what happens when I ordered limau ais, at a certain ikan bakar stall opposite Seagate, Bayan Lepas...

The limau is white in colour, and the water is red in colour, this is the 1st time I see limau ais come in these colours... I shall name it the limau ais hybrid...

Btw, this limau ais hybrid tastes like tembikai juice mixed with laici syrup, and the limau tastes and feels like laici...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home is Asset?

Asset = something that generates positive cash flow for you, something that puts money into your pockets/bank account steadily.

Liability = something that generates negative cash flow for you, that takes money from your pockets and puts it into someone else's pockets.

Rich Dad said, when your banker or real estate broker tells you your home is an asset, they are not lying, they just failed to tell you the whole sentence.

Well, I've come up with some full sentences. Look at the crossed out parts, they are the parts that bankers/brokers usually omit from their sentences when talking to you:

Your home is an asset to us. Your home is your liability and our asset. Your home should your biggest contribution to our investment.

When you buy your home, what happens every month? Does the bank pay you, or do you pay the monthly instalment to the bank? Does the government pay you, or do you pay the taxes to the government every year? If you bought an apartment unit, does the apartment management pay you, or do you pay management fees every month?

So, do you still wanna believe when the banker says your house is your asset?

Delayed Gratification

Reading a few of Rich Dad series books, I've gotten myself familiar with this term: delayed gratification.

Basically it means, instead of buying liabilities (home, car, handphone, camera, Coach bags etc) the moment you can afford it, you spend your extra cash on acquiring assets (stocks and paper assets, rental property etc).

Rich Dad call it, converting your earned income into portfolio income and passive income, or letting your money work for you. In other words, you turn your extra cash into something that generates some some income to you at a steady basis.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It is common sense that an economic crisis also presents opportunities; it is prime time to look for bargain buys in the stock markets and real estates, and expand your wealth.

I look at myself, I'm laden with study loans to clear, sometimes I feel helpless. With my current paycheck, by the time I get rid of those loans, the window of opportunity might be gone.

Then I look around me, I see people around my age that perhaps does not have as heavy a burden as me, and have some excessive cash from their job. Instead of looking for good deals that can generate cash flow for them, I see people throwing in downpayments for their under construction new home, I see people throwing in downpayment for a 1.6L Japanese sedan, I see people throwing in whatever they saved up on a pair of return flight tickets to Rio de Janeiro and hotel accommodation for 1 week, and I see people throwing in whatever they saved up on a new PDA phone and a plasma TV to put in his own room...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Rich Dad said, not many people can withstand the idea of delayed gratification, and that is why not many people can escape the financial rat race. If you can resist the urge for immediate returns, and invest your time and excessive cash flow into bigger cash flow, one day you will find that you are rich.

I wonder, when I'm done with those loans, what will I do? Will I be able to resist the urge, and will I be able to device a plan that I can follow by then?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fresh Grads

A "good" news for fresh grads and fresh grads akan datang.

Before 2009:

Just by graduating with a degree almost guarantees you a decent paying job.
Even if you don't have a degree, you can still get a job, just lower pay and lower prospect.
CGPA >3.0 gets you to the big MNCs with better pay.

Jan-June 2009:

Most companies implement hiring freeze and WFM(Work Force Management @ layoff @ goreng sotong). The lower end and least important jobs are on the frontline of impact. Fresh grads basically have little to no hope of getting a job.

After June 2009:

Hiring begin to start again, after the restructuring are done, however, now, even the lousiest of companies have a requirement of at least CGPA 3.0; if your CGPA is below 3.0, you basically stay home and sleep out this downturn..

So if you kids out there think you can just fool around thru your college/uni, you're so gonna regret it...

Welcome to the world~

Room FOR RENT!!!

Hi all, personal advertorial this is..

I've just rented a single storey terrace with my friends in Bayan Baru area, and we have a medium room for rent.


Room : approx 9 ft x 12 ft, empty room
House facilities : Washing machine, Fridge, Stove, Kitchen cabinet, Water filter, TV, Broadband router, Shower heater
Bonus feature : Friendly housemates, friendly neighbours, occasional free herbal soup
Location : Bayan Baru, near Sunshine Square, Queensbay Mall and Bayan Lepas FIZ (directly opposite Western Digital)
Rate : RM250

Interested please give me a call, phone number provided in HouseNotice.


Room taken, ignore this..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Plan C

Enough with Plan Bs... today I suddenly realized that I can have something else to do, hence Plan C...

I think I can run a B&D service...

What does B&D stands for? Buy & Deliver.. hehehe..

Had a taste of it today.. a friend was working in dungeon mode today.. usually lunch is provided, but today they have to order their own food, so she asked me to help her tapao...

So off I went...

From my office to the tapao place requires me to drive a big circle to reach, and when I reached to junction to that place, I miraculously took the wrong turn and ended up staring at my office again, so I had to take drive that big circle another time...

Finally reached the tapao place, ordered, took the food, trudged back to my car with the load of food,

Now you know what tapao place is that =)

And headed to her office...

Upon delivery, I received payment for the food, and also this,

The commission for my efforts

Yay!!! I made RM1 in my latest service providing venture!!

Home's Cafe Part 2

Went to this Home's Cafe again last Friday, this time there were lots of customers inside probably due to me blogging about them so the boss did not welcome us himself...

This time, someone ordered the yam kuih.. and when it was served, we got some sort of a pleasant surprise...

What? So big also cannot see clearly?

Nah, big big HOME word written on the plate with chili sauce...


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

G Cafe

Team appreciation lunch again today, venue is G Cafe of G Hotel, the luxurious hotel beside Gurney Plaza...

The food? Buffet!!! Yippeee!!!

Like someone, I also prefer the desserts in a buffet...

Overall its not bad la.. I mean, don't compare lunch buffet with dinner buffet la.. the food variety definitely less, but, the environment is nice and comfy, service is good, the food is nice...

My 1st round - Fried Beehoon, Ayam Masak Merah, Braised Vegetables, Grilled Fish, Chili Prawns

My 2nd round - Lamb Chop, Calamari Rings, Mashed Potato, Baked Mussels, Breaded Fish, Pandan Chicken, Vietnamese Prawn Roll

My 3rd Round - Topping up on food I like on 1st and 2nd round, plus a slice of Smoked Chicken in Honey

My 4th Round - Lotus Root Soup, I miss mom T_T

My 6th round - Fruits and Cakes and Eclair (desserts).. too bad they don't have red dragon fruit...

Where's 5th round? Well 5th round was Satay, forgot to take picha... hehehe...

There's also 7th round, ice cream scoops...

They also have Ais Kacang and Kuay Teow Soup... I don't like the way they prepare the ais kacang, and kuay teow soup... who would want that in a buffet anyway? =.="

Allow me to end this post with...


Monday, June 08, 2009

Home's Cafe

This is a new cafe located in the new D'Piazza Mall, located nearby Mayang Mall and Sunshine Square, Bayan Baru...

Went there for lunch last Saturday...

I think it's because the cafe is new, even the boss come out and serve customers himself..

Once you enter the cafe, you will be greeted with "Welcome home!!"... Warm...

4 of us, we ordered what they claim to be their specialty drinks: white coffee... what's with these guys, everyone seems to claim to be white coffee specialist nowadays...

Look at the picture, the 4 glasses of white coffees are: Orange White Coffee, Hazelnut White Coffee, Strawberry White Coffee, Blackcurrant White Coffee.

Can you differentiate them? Actually they're just white coffee mixed with concentrated juice extracts, but the effect is really not bad. I recommend the blackcurrant one, best!

Eh??!! Bing!!! Lu mia girlfriend share drinks with another guy!!!

The food.. well a glimpse on the menu reminds you of the likes of OldTown and Apex Coffee, they're more or less the same anyway... white coffee specialist...

They have this local delights promotion where all those local food is RM5.00, so that's where we directed ourselves upon..

Ipoh Hor Fun - average.. portion bigger than OldTown, taste normal...

Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken - the nasi is normal, but the sambal, BEST!!

And the boss said, "If you like the sambal, request for more, if the staff don't give you, tell me"

Good customer service hehehehe, we'll see if it lasts...

Chicken Chop with Chicken Rice - Boss' Wife Recommendation...

I was confused when I saw that name on the menu, chicken chop with rice sudah lah, why with chicken rice pulak? I only understand when it was served, chicken rice actually mean that rice we get when we eat chicken rice elsewhere, something we call oil rice...

Not bad la this one, but I think, if they can come up with Chicken Chop with Chicken Rice with Sambal, that would be even better hehehehe~

Verdict: Worth a try, especially now when the place is new. Parking is still free at the moment by the way...

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Sorry for the Popper Blooper ah,

it's all the QB Memory Lane's fault for selling us a Popper that does not pop,


And hope you gonna like your pressie, don't worry, the monthly instalment bill will come to you next month


What about our very own beloved Manglish?

You can't return their food because their food are very clean, so it seems...

. . . . . .

If you don't get it, never mind lah...

The more proper statement should be:

Due To Food Hygiene, Food Ordered Is Not Returnable

Well.... well...

Friday, June 05, 2009

You do not underestimate...

Penang traffic!!!

It was 2.20pm, today is Friday, technically still a weekday, work day...

Was going to Gurney to catch a movie, and I thought going out at this time will be early enough...

Last time I drive to Gurney when I took my Friday 2nd half off, I arrived in 25 minutes.

Today I arrived 3.20pm... 1 hour..

And didn't even manage to get popcorn, late for movie, and the queue for popcorn was crazy...

Is this supposed to happen on a Friday afternoon?

Recession? What recession???

Monday, June 01, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough,

Saw this in CNN website:

There's a picture in that page, with the caption like this:

"Over its history General Motors has made its share of bad products. Some were poorly built, some were badly executed, others suffered from lousy timing."

This sounds alarmingly familiar, there's just once such company back home which is quite similar, don't you think? I wonder, just when will Malaysian taxpayers be liberated the way those folks in the States are?

Perhaps, Obama could learn from his Malaysian counterparts on how to keep GM afloat. Taxing the imports out of affordability sounds like a not bad idea eh?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And then on Soccernet:

"It is thought Ashley is ready to accept £100m for the club, which will be a huge loss on his outlay since buying the club less than two years ago. . . . . . I put my money into it and I tried my best. But I accept my best was woefully short. I am genuinely sorry for everybody about what has happened. . . . . . I paid £134m out of my own pocket for the club. I then poured another £110m into the club, not to pay off the debt, but just to reduce it.''

Either he is plain stupid, or the club is really crappy beyond help. I remember reading from Rich Dad books: The best investment happens when you can turn a bad piece of investment into a good piece of investment.

This Yank, he did exactly the opposite. Newcastle was a mid-table club of a huge stature and rich history, this bloke came in with lots of money but no idea on what the Premier League is, and in no time turned the club into a 2nd Leeds United. And instead of trying to mend the fences, he's decided to cut his losses.

Perfect example on what NOT to do in business. Cool...