Thursday, July 30, 2009


When things go wrong.. everything goes wrong... even simple things like checking out my blog's traffic...

What The Fuck Is This?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not everyone gets it their way...

One person surely to be disappointed in this transfer window is a certain Franck Ribery. The French playmaker who has established himself a the midfield maestro of Bayern Munich has been talked up as a potential signing for Real Madrid throughout last season.

He himself realized that to make the progress in Europe, he can't be hanging around at the Bavarian outfit for very long. A move to the Bernabeu makes perfect footballing and financial sense for him.

For most of the season, it had seem more and more likely for that move to happen. It seemed even more likely when Florentino Perez was reinstated as president in Real Madrid. First Kaka, then Cristiano Ronaldo. It was highly anticipated that Ribery would be the 3rd galactico to arrive.

But it was not to be. Some complications happen. An agreeable transfer fee could not be trashed out, and suddenly, Real signed Karim Benzema instead. Although the transfer window is yet to close, it seems like Mr Ribery will end up going nowhere.

And how he made it public over his intentions of quitting. I wonder what will happen in the coming season. What will Bayern fans feel about him? Hopefully he could put up a couple of fine performances when the season starts, and then the fans will forget about it.

Remember about Gareth Barry who so sensationally failed to transfer to Liverpool last season? He was never the same player again for Aston Villa after that last minute fall out, and here's what he has to say about it:

Barry admitted the collapse of his proposed move to Anfield last summer made his return to Villa Park a trying time and accused the Reds of making 'excuses' over their failure to complete the deal.

He added: "There was a feeling of being let down. Excuses were made about things going on behind the scenes and in the boardroom, but I came out of it looking like a bad person.

"It took a long time for me to get back into the squad at Villa afterwards. It was tough to deal with.

Barry has since moved to Manchester City just recently, hopefully what he endured does not happen to Ribery...

And hopefully this kind of footballers shit will never befall me...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I love reading about what football players that move to a new club say during the presentation press conference.

There are those good blokes, who conducted themselves well, and managed to leave the old club in good will, and have all the wonderful things to say about their old club, the ex-manager and the ex-team mates...

There are also cases where a transfer got sour, resulting in the player badmouth-ing the old club, or the ex-manager, or everything related to the old club..

But I particularly like those players getting philosophical... especially when they say things similar to below:

There are times when we are faced with crossroads. This transfer is one such situation. At times like this, a big man would make big decisions, decisions that might change his life, life goes on, and they don't look back. I made mine, and hopefully I won't look back.

I sense that the time for me to make my big decision is nearing... Wish me luck...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

SOS Call

I need help.. like.. quite desperately...

I accidentally broke a soup boiling claypot cover belonging to someone else, and I need to find find an exact model as replacement..

Problem is, the pot is bought in KL, I'm stuck in Penang, I've been to all the major super/hypermarkets in Penang Island, and a couple of shops selling kitchenwares in Bayan Lepas and Georgetown, still couldn't manage to find it..

According to the shop owners, by looking at the box, it's China made, and most shops don't sell them..

If that's the case, then I'm screwed... like... big time...

So, if any of you guys saw this before, or better still, know where to buy this:

Please, drop me a comment...

10Q very much....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Love My Job!!!

I'm often asked: "What's your job?"

I often reply: "Test Engineer."

And then I'll be asked: "What do you test? Rice cooker/mp3 player/computer/remote control cars/condoms/etc?"

There was even one fella, this bugger, who asked: "Wah so high tech ah? Test papers also need engineer to create??"

*faintsss..... @@*

So, today, I'm going to give you a snapshot of what I actually have to deal with in my job...

Basically test engineer means an engineer who develops/make improvements on test systems that perform tests on the products assembled in the production line (the accuracy of measurement instruments in my case) to ensure the products shipped to the customers are of the highest quality.

Most of the time, I deal with programming codes.. there are many programming platforms we use in my company, my area uses mostly 2 of them:

Currently preparing myself to get involved with a 3rd platform...

Due to my "fast response" @ efficient @ kepoh nature, I also serve as the QMS rep for the test team. To be able to fulfil this side responsibility well, I attend a lot of internal courses conducted by experts of the quality field within the company.. (QMS = Quality Management System)

Working in my division, specifically my team, can be of both extremes..

We have an Action Item spreadsheet where all the engineers update whatever new tasks they have...

When you select the greens on the Status column,

you feel happy, because it shows you have contributed a lot and are useful to the company (also means your job is more secure)

Then you switch over to the reds,

You'd realize, no matter how much you push, how long you've been working here, the reds always overwhelm the greens...

Suddenly you'd feel as if there's a 10 tonnes rock hanging over your shoulder...

Fun right? Exciting right? That's why I love my job...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Must Be Transparent

Honestly, I don't care much about Teoh Beng Hock's death.. I mean, it's not that I don't care about a life, it's just that being in the country where I am in, having the kind of political drama that we have, nothing seems to be surprising anymore.. and there's a whole lot more of people who died due to murders daily, so why should I pay more attention to one?

It so happened that I was reading TheStar online just now, yes I do still read MSM, even though I don't really trust them word for word, and I came across this article here:

“The police must be very transparent and professional in their investigations as they have to answer a lot of questions being asked by the public. I have requested this investigation to be conducted swiftly but carefully and thoroughly.

“If these issues are not answered to the satisfaction of the public, then we have to face the consequences of a royal commission or an independent commission,” he said.

Hishammuddin said he was personally monitoring the progress of the investigations.

The greens, well said, fair enough... the police must be very transparent and professional.. true...

Then he says the reds... and I can't help but laugh... how the heck can we expect transparency if this fella is going to monitor what they do? After all, the reputation of these guys are well known...

I suppose some dudes just think that we are all 3-year-olds.. haih...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JB Trip - Day 4 @ Changi Airport

Last day of the trip, flight back to Penang is 3.10pm today, but before that, had to go to another sub-con's place to conduct a short audit.

It was kinda disappointing, not being able to check out JB streets at night. You see, the situation was:

Night 0.5 - Just arrived, get settled down in the hotel 1st..
Night 1 - Was supposed to fly back tomorrow, planned to hit the streets tonight, but when we left the sub-con office knowing I'm gonna be hanging around for another 2 days, all the mood is lost.. after all there's still time..
Night 2 - Worked late, reached hotel almost 9pm, tired, "there's still time tomorrow, sleep early la today"
Night 3 - Worked extra late, reached hotel 12am+, nothing to see and eat on the streets anymore..
Night 4- There's no night 4, already back in Penang, in Lam Hwa Ee visiting a friend..

I blame it all on bad luck screwing up my plans..

When I arrived, I planned, and promised myself, to take a load of pichas of Singapore and the fehmes Changi Airport. But the thing with plans is... you know, they always get screwed up unexpectedly.

It so happened that we were tied up, the transport was late, the customs officer thought that we were Mas Selamat's accomplice or what and insisted on doing a full check on us, end up we only managed to arrive at the airport 2.30pm.

Just enough time to: check in, go to toilet, pass thru immigration, grab a bag of chocolates as souvenir, take nice photos, board the plane..

This is the only thing I have of Changi Airport


JB Trip - Day 3

It's Day 3 (Thursday), I'm getting pissed of having to extend my stay, tired of taking pichas, and just want to get on with solving the stupid problems I'm facing here, so.. Day 3 will be whacked into 1 post..


You know, when you are given buffet for every breakfast, you just don't get that pampered feeling anymore.. Just treat it as a normal meal, you get what I mean?

*Shaddup la you moron, give you buffets everyday still complain!*

Ok fine, you don't get me, I can understand.. Anyway, for breakfast today I just took 1 round: Pastry, toast bread, cold chicken slice, strangled scrambled egg, roti canai, sausage, french toast, and a glass of soya milk.

We stayed in the hotel until 12 noon, waiting for those guys over at the US to send us some source code files to help us troubleshoot what went wrong over here..

JB Taxi

This is where the place I'm going

Bla bla bla, install uninstall, open close, climb up climb down, send SCPIs, reboot PCs, give up the US guy buggy program, re-write a new test program, work all the way until 11.30pm, finally done!

Head back to hotel, already past midnight, hotel buffet no more, hawker food on nearby street no more.. so... room service again!

My colleague strongly recommended Penang Char Kuay Teow on the menu, so...

RM35 Penang Char Kuay Teow

Like a mountain



Finally able to fall asleep at 3.00am... ZZzzzz

Sunday, July 19, 2009

JB Trip - Day 2 @ More Food


Our host brought us to an Indonesian restaurant today. It is a corner shop, in a place called Ungku Mohsin. The restaurant does not have a name, I think. Even the display signboard outside the shop only writes INDONESIAN, maybe that's the restaurant's name.

We ordered the Set Lunch package for 3, but the portion was more like for 5 people. Each dishes has their own Indonesian style of name, but I forgot all of them, sorry >.<

Fried Egg and Tofu

Fried Chicken with Indonesian Chili Sauce

Curry Fish Head

There's another Kangkung Belacan, I took the picture, but somehow it was not in my handphone memory when I looked for it... nevermind, it's just a normal kangkung belacan...

Verdict: The food is superb, all the dishes are really good! The boss himself is a real Indonesian. And he's not those type that you see in the construction site, he's the type.. how to say... the more refined type, if you get what I mean...


We were very tired today, reached the hotel around 8pm. So no buffet dinner today, we just order room service...

Popeye Spinach and Chicken Pizza

I think this pizza is the most worth among all the items on the room service menu, if compared to the market price outside.

RM30, the size similar to that of Pizza Hut large pizza, and, although the picture doesn't look like it, every bite is full of chicken and spinach! Yum yum!

Just that, you know, we don't normally finish a Pizza Hut large pizza alone... The pizza was delivered around 8.30pm, by the time I finished the last bite, it was almost 1.00am...

JB Trip - Day 2 @ Breakfast

I had buffet again for dinner on Day 1, but at that time, I was feeling fcuking depressed, no mood to think about photos and blogging...

You see, the initial plan was:
Day 1 (Tuesday) - Go in, plug thumb drive into their PC, transfer the files, run test, monitor, finalize, run full test overnight.
Day 2 (Wednesday) - Confirm test results, buyoff, flight back to Penang in the evening.

But the real situation was:
Day 1 (Tuesday) - Go in, plug thumb drive in, nothing happen, realized the PC runs on Windows NT which does not support USB, CD-ROM drive rosak, PC not connected to the network, have to wait for a new PC to be brought in, cannot finish in 1 day, extend stay till Friday.

So... you say lah, where got mood to take photo that night? Damn pekcek ma...

Okok, so Day 2, buffet breakfast also... in fact everyday is buffet breakfast...

Today, I took on the things that I didn't manage to take yesterday.

Chicken Porridge

Nasi Lemak, Fried Meehoon, Black Pepper Sausage

Choco Pastry, Toasted Bread, Cheese and Cold Ham

Watermehlen and Red Dragon Fruit

Talk about the red dragon fruit, here really defies my logic...

Imagine Shogun/Jogoya/Saisaki.... imagine the fruits section.... imagine dragon fruits there... imagine the waiter bringing out the precious tray of red dragon fruit... do you imagine what I imagine?

In barely 10 seconds, POOFF!! the tray is empty...

Now, look at the picture below:

This plate of thing, it was already sitting there when I first got to the breakfast cafe, around 7.45am... I took this photo around 9.00am when I left the place... and no, it is not another plate, it is the same plate of dragon fruit!

Weird... perhaps, tourists and corporate guests (majority of the people staying here) don't give a damn about this fruit..

JB Trip - Day 1 @ Lunch

After breakfast and lepak-ing around, time to go to work...

The place we're supposed to go to is located in an area called Kempas. Didn't manage to take photos of my temporary workplace, we're not supposed to take photos in places like this anyway..

So I'll just blog about our lunch...

You know, when it comes to being at sub-con (sub-contractor)'s place, we don't need to worry about lunch, they'll bring us to somewhere nice to eat usually...

It just so happen today, our hosts decided to bring us to a place not quite near to the office...

Don't ask me the location of this eatery, I have no idea, I can't even recognize the way to get here from the office.. I just vaguely remember passing by a Carrefour, and then there's a road sign nearby this eatery, indicating AEON Bukit Indah going straight ahead.

古文茶 Gu Wen Cha literally translates to Ancient Language Tea. But then, Tea Garden sounds more appropriate I suppose...

I noticed something on their menu.. look carefully at the picture below, sorry for the low quality of the shot >.<
Forgive me for finding this amused, but I've always paid 5% service charge, this is the 1st time I see 3% service charge...

This place, it's not exactly some posh restaurant where everything is expensive. And it's not what the shop name seem to suggest, it's not a tea house either. It's a typical Hong Kong/Malaysian fusion styled meal/yumcha place that we get to see in KL (imagine Wong Kok or Kim Gary).

Actually, to be honest, I don't feel that there's anything much to brag about this place. I mean, it's not to say this place is lousy, or terrijible, or bad... just that, it's not exactly a place which has the WOW factor..... normal eatery lo...

My food: Minced Chicken Rice in Bamboo Bucket

Verdict: Hmm... I don't know, because the only version of this I've eaten before is Dragon-i punya... cannot compare la right? Hehehehe

Good thing is no managers joining us today.. after makan, belah...

You know, those managers pattern, they tend to talk alot over the meals one, and we don't really have enough time to finish what we're sent here to do, so it won't be a good thing also...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

JB Trip - Day 1 @ Hotel Views

After breakfast, there was still time to lepak around the hotel while waiting for our pickup, so I wandered around and take some pictures..

Hotel lobby view from 1st floor

Reception counter

I also found my way to the swimming pool..

Swimming pool view from the entrance

Swimming pool view from the poolside terrace

My room is the 5th from bottom, right hand side

Poolside terrace

It was almost time, I begin to make my way to the lift, wanted to go back to my room to get dressed. Then I noticed this,

Spinning door

It leads to,

A sky bridge

And this sky bridge leads to,

Persada Johor @ Johor International Convention Centre

Some college/maktab is having their convo here today

Head back to the sky bridge,

View from the sky bridge

Look at the building afar, that is the new Customs and Immigrations office @k@ Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, the building is pretty, but I heard the locals who travel back and forth to Singapore hates it, because it's on a hill, and far from the causeway, people who walk needs to walk farther and people who drive needs to make a big detour around the area.

Ok, finish hotel sightseeing, time to head off to work..

JB Trip - Day 1 @ Breakfast

I promised in the previous post to give you guys a clear view from my room,

Nah the pool

View from my room

Anyway, Tuesday, officially Day 1 of my working trip. Before going to work, it's time for the hotel buffet breakfast first.

Breakfast starts 6.30am and ends 10.00am. I was at the cafe, called The Newsroom Cafe, around 8.00am. Now, Puteri Pacific's buffet breakfast is really buffet. They do serve a variety of food to whet your appetite.

Assorted pastries

Cold slices

Salad bar

Roti with toaster

Egg station

Notice the left side, that's the place for you to boil eggs; right side there's 2 small pans where the chef will fry omelettes for you, and you can pick your own ingredients to go into it. If you look carefully at the top of the picture, there's a roti canai pan and a teppanyaki pan, all in service.

Cereals and fruits corner

You can choose either cow milk or soya bean milk to go with your cereals.

Things I didn't snap: Porridge corner, coffee and tea machines, Pau corner, Main courses section.

A view from where I sit

My 1st round (main course section)

Clockwise from top: French toast, Vegetarian lasagna, Rendang chicken, Fried kuay teow, Cheese franks.


French toast - my mom makes them better..

Vegetarian lasagna - seriously, they should name this Shrooms lasagna; you get mouthful of shrooms after mouthful of shrooms here: button mushroom, white mushroom, golden needle mushroom, abalone mushroom.. but it's damn good lah..

Rendang chicken - Easily the best rendang chicken I've ever had in my life!

I took the breast part because I hate bony parts. Normally the breast part is kinda coarse and the texture not so good, but this one, perfectly tender and soft, and tasty!

Fried kuay teow and Cheese franks - biasa...

My 2nd round

From left: Corn Flakes + Coco Crunch + Honey Stars in milk, Fishball noodle soup, fruits.

The fishball noodle soup are quite nice; the fishballs has very good doink doink factor in them, and the soup is rich in chicken stock and ikan bilis.

I'm gonna stay here for 2 days, so I'll leave some food to explore for tomorrow..