Sunday, July 12, 2009


I remember my 1st part time job after I finished my Advanced Diploma, having a 3 months+ break waiting to fly off to the UK for my degree top up program, it was as a 10 days data entry clerk for a consultant firm (McKinsey), work location based in KLIA, but they provided the transportation to and from our homes...

First day of work, in the morning, I was expecting a lousy van or something, but when my pick up came, I was blown away. My pick up was a Vios! And in the subsequent days, my pick ups changed constantly; by the 10th day, I'd already gotten my fat ass onto an MG Rover, a CRV, an Estima, a Camry, even a BMW 318i!

I later found out that these rides all belong to the same transportation company that specializes in providing transport for big big companies of the whole world when they have people coming to Malaysia. I was sharing the ride of a McKinsey consultant coming from Thailand..

Anyway, that was my 1st experience of being blown away at how employee transportation can become an expensive expense of a company, and a lucrative income for another...
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Now, this mind blowing experience has upped another level for me in this company that I'm working for right now...

You see, I'm supposed to head to Johor Bahru with another colleague, to one of our supplier's site to setup some tests. We'll be going by air..

The admin for the department presented us with 2 options:
i. MAS => Penang - KLIA - Johor Bahru, but transit waiting time in KLIA is 4-5 hours.
ii. SQ (used to be SIA) => Penang - Singapore - taxi to Johor Bahru, need passport, but no transit waiting time.

I tried to ask: "Hey, why not take Air Asia? I think they have a direct flight from Penang to JB what?" but I could only mutter out "Hey, why not take Air As..", then the admin gave me a cold stare, and the other colleague immediately grabbed me by the neck and tried to choke me to death and shouted: "COMPANY PAY STILL WANNA TAKE THAT CHEAP CARRIER AH?? YOU MORON!! STUPID!!" said: "We'll take the Singapore route."

So... the admin booked our flights. I was beginning to suspect that this will be a whole new mind blowing experience for me, I know SQ is NOT CHEAP!

That was last Wednesday. The next day, we got our itinery and air tickets... We'll be departing on Monday evening...

Then I saw the price list, and the mind blowing went into hyperdrive mode!

I heard that going to Hong Kong and back is cheaper than this, if you take Air Asia; in fact, for abit more than the amount circled, you'd be able to get a return flight to London by Air Asia X.


Okay... that's not all... we'll be spending 2 working days there, so we'll need accommodation. And this is what the admin booked us into..

USD87 x 3.5 = ~RM300/night, we'll be staying there for 2 nights.

And, food expenses can be claimed too, provided you use the credit card applied via the company. The colleague I'm going with has that card, so I suspect we will be going wild with food..

I don't know... working in a company of this size, I suppose there's nothing to be excited about for this kind of things, but hey, it's the 1st time I'm being spent so much money on for work related travel, so I'm feeling kinda...


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