Monday, July 06, 2009

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Ok, my house is still not equipped with internet yet, but I figured it would be alright to blog in the office at night... it's after working hours and nobody is around so I won't be penalized right? So now, I'm gonna start burning backlogs blogging ze' ol' stuff...
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One day, Doraemon decided to go on a driving trip with me. Doraemon thought that his name is the Japanese pronunciation of Superman, so he decided that not fastening the seatbelts is alright for him.

So off we went, driving around the Bayan Lepas area. While on the roads, suddenly a Wiralution 3 (Wira pretending to be Mitsubishi Evolution 3) cuts in in front of my car and hits the brakes for no apparent reason.

So I had to emergency brake, and Doraemon, because he did not fasten the seatbelt,

POOPPP!! His fell forward, face hitting the dashboard donno-what-its-called-place-to-put-tissue-box-beside-dashboard hard. His nose almost broke as a result and he cried loud and hard.

Fortunately, Doraemon learned his lesson well that day, and nowadays, he always fasten the seatbelt when we go on driving trips again.

You saw what happened to Doraemon, I hope you learn his lesson as well without trying it out yourself. PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT WHEN YOU GET INTO A CAR.

Actually the Doraemon belongs to Peggy, it just somehow ended up in my car when we were moving house that day, and I felt amused so I fasten the seatbelt for it before leaving the old house.

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