Tuesday, July 14, 2009

JB Trip - Day 0.5

I was actually feeling more worried than excited about this working trip. My fear was amplified when I reached the Penang International Airport and saw more angmohs than locals going to be on the same flight as me.

Plus, after all the hype I felt about the flight with SQ, it got kind of anti-climatic.. deflating.. whatever you call it.. when I saw that my flight was actually:


SilkAir, Regional wing of Singapore Airlines... yeah right... but the plane is still.. small.. and from what I've heard, it is nothing like the real SQ planes..

I didn't manage forgot to snap photos around the airport... was busy checking in, spotting angmoh concentrated areas and avoiding them, passing through customs etc. Not that there's much to snap about anyway...

Walkway in the boarding lounge

Queuing up to board the plane

Angmohs not in the picha, bcz most of them either have already boarded, or were standing behind me..

Looking out from the plane

Hey? How come the AirAsia plane looks much bigger than the one I'm sitting in??

Inside the plane

I was expecting a personal screen or at least a headphone to listen to some in flight music, but..



Nothing... so I'm gonna spend the next 1.5 hours staring at the clouds outside and pretending to sleep.
Me ticket

We touched down in Singapore slightly earlier than scheduled... I didn't even bother to switch on the phone in the island, so no Singapore pichas for now. We just took the airport limo to Queen Street and then another taxi to go back into JB.

I did manage to catch a glimpse of the Singapore Flyer though, and seeing it almost up close, I am able to confirm my theory that the London Eye is much larger in terms of the wheel.

It took us another 1.5 hours from Changi Airport to our hotel, Puteri Pan Pacific JB, the Customs and Immigration at the Causeway was surprisingly quite smooth flowing that day. We even saw a couple of the staff at the counters playing Solitaire!

Reached the hotel around 8.30pm, checked in to our rooms respectively. My room is on the 8th floor, here's some photos for you to check it out..

King size bed

Mini Bar

Mini Bar 2

I'm not sure what's the practice now, it's been ages since I checked into a hotel, but back when I used to check in to hotels regularly, things in the mini bar comes at a price. Here, it's complimetary @ free. Nice...

Toilet is normal, nothing much to show about, bath tub, basin, toilet bowl..

Plus this art piece hanging near the toilet bowl

TV with Astro

Coffee table and chairs

This is the view from my room at night

The swimming pool is directly outside my room, but my handphone doesn't take very good night views, so the only thing I managed to snap is:


Doesn't look like anything... I'll give you day time photos later on...

Did you notice something on the coffee table just now?

Dinner @ Room Service

Fish and Chips

They even wrap the half lemon up

Alright, that's all for the day...

Day 0.5 in the title is because it's not officially Day 1 of the trip yet, we're just coming in for the night and the real work starts the next day, by the way...


WongSF said...

The hotel name is Puteri Pacific Hotel and not Puteri Pan Pacific Hotel.

RealGunners said...

Sorry, because everyone is calling it Pan Pac hahaha, thanks for correcting...