Wednesday, July 15, 2009

JB Trip - Day 1 @ Breakfast

I promised in the previous post to give you guys a clear view from my room,

Nah the pool

View from my room

Anyway, Tuesday, officially Day 1 of my working trip. Before going to work, it's time for the hotel buffet breakfast first.

Breakfast starts 6.30am and ends 10.00am. I was at the cafe, called The Newsroom Cafe, around 8.00am. Now, Puteri Pacific's buffet breakfast is really buffet. They do serve a variety of food to whet your appetite.

Assorted pastries

Cold slices

Salad bar

Roti with toaster

Egg station

Notice the left side, that's the place for you to boil eggs; right side there's 2 small pans where the chef will fry omelettes for you, and you can pick your own ingredients to go into it. If you look carefully at the top of the picture, there's a roti canai pan and a teppanyaki pan, all in service.

Cereals and fruits corner

You can choose either cow milk or soya bean milk to go with your cereals.

Things I didn't snap: Porridge corner, coffee and tea machines, Pau corner, Main courses section.

A view from where I sit

My 1st round (main course section)

Clockwise from top: French toast, Vegetarian lasagna, Rendang chicken, Fried kuay teow, Cheese franks.


French toast - my mom makes them better..

Vegetarian lasagna - seriously, they should name this Shrooms lasagna; you get mouthful of shrooms after mouthful of shrooms here: button mushroom, white mushroom, golden needle mushroom, abalone mushroom.. but it's damn good lah..

Rendang chicken - Easily the best rendang chicken I've ever had in my life!

I took the breast part because I hate bony parts. Normally the breast part is kinda coarse and the texture not so good, but this one, perfectly tender and soft, and tasty!

Fried kuay teow and Cheese franks - biasa...

My 2nd round

From left: Corn Flakes + Coco Crunch + Honey Stars in milk, Fishball noodle soup, fruits.

The fishball noodle soup are quite nice; the fishballs has very good doink doink factor in them, and the soup is rich in chicken stock and ikan bilis.

I'm gonna stay here for 2 days, so I'll leave some food to explore for tomorrow..

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