Sunday, July 19, 2009

JB Trip - Day 2 @ Breakfast

I had buffet again for dinner on Day 1, but at that time, I was feeling fcuking depressed, no mood to think about photos and blogging...

You see, the initial plan was:
Day 1 (Tuesday) - Go in, plug thumb drive into their PC, transfer the files, run test, monitor, finalize, run full test overnight.
Day 2 (Wednesday) - Confirm test results, buyoff, flight back to Penang in the evening.

But the real situation was:
Day 1 (Tuesday) - Go in, plug thumb drive in, nothing happen, realized the PC runs on Windows NT which does not support USB, CD-ROM drive rosak, PC not connected to the network, have to wait for a new PC to be brought in, cannot finish in 1 day, extend stay till Friday.

So... you say lah, where got mood to take photo that night? Damn pekcek ma...

Okok, so Day 2, buffet breakfast also... in fact everyday is buffet breakfast...

Today, I took on the things that I didn't manage to take yesterday.

Chicken Porridge

Nasi Lemak, Fried Meehoon, Black Pepper Sausage

Choco Pastry, Toasted Bread, Cheese and Cold Ham

Watermehlen and Red Dragon Fruit

Talk about the red dragon fruit, here really defies my logic...

Imagine Shogun/Jogoya/Saisaki.... imagine the fruits section.... imagine dragon fruits there... imagine the waiter bringing out the precious tray of red dragon fruit... do you imagine what I imagine?

In barely 10 seconds, POOFF!! the tray is empty...

Now, look at the picture below:

This plate of thing, it was already sitting there when I first got to the breakfast cafe, around 7.45am... I took this photo around 9.00am when I left the place... and no, it is not another plate, it is the same plate of dragon fruit!

Weird... perhaps, tourists and corporate guests (majority of the people staying here) don't give a damn about this fruit..

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