Sunday, July 19, 2009

JB Trip - Day 2 @ More Food


Our host brought us to an Indonesian restaurant today. It is a corner shop, in a place called Ungku Mohsin. The restaurant does not have a name, I think. Even the display signboard outside the shop only writes INDONESIAN, maybe that's the restaurant's name.

We ordered the Set Lunch package for 3, but the portion was more like for 5 people. Each dishes has their own Indonesian style of name, but I forgot all of them, sorry >.<

Fried Egg and Tofu

Fried Chicken with Indonesian Chili Sauce

Curry Fish Head

There's another Kangkung Belacan, I took the picture, but somehow it was not in my handphone memory when I looked for it... nevermind, it's just a normal kangkung belacan...

Verdict: The food is superb, all the dishes are really good! The boss himself is a real Indonesian. And he's not those type that you see in the construction site, he's the type.. how to say... the more refined type, if you get what I mean...


We were very tired today, reached the hotel around 8pm. So no buffet dinner today, we just order room service...

Popeye Spinach and Chicken Pizza

I think this pizza is the most worth among all the items on the room service menu, if compared to the market price outside.

RM30, the size similar to that of Pizza Hut large pizza, and, although the picture doesn't look like it, every bite is full of chicken and spinach! Yum yum!

Just that, you know, we don't normally finish a Pizza Hut large pizza alone... The pizza was delivered around 8.30pm, by the time I finished the last bite, it was almost 1.00am...


ThinkING said... still able to finish the Pizza alone!! Good boy, not wasting the food :)

RealGunners said...

haih.. tht's y now i dun dare to go to the blood screening campaign of my company.. overeat so many days, the reading sure not accurate 1... hehehe