Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JB Trip - Day 4 @ Changi Airport

Last day of the trip, flight back to Penang is 3.10pm today, but before that, had to go to another sub-con's place to conduct a short audit.

It was kinda disappointing, not being able to check out JB streets at night. You see, the situation was:

Night 0.5 - Just arrived, get settled down in the hotel 1st..
Night 1 - Was supposed to fly back tomorrow, planned to hit the streets tonight, but when we left the sub-con office knowing I'm gonna be hanging around for another 2 days, all the mood is lost.. after all there's still time..
Night 2 - Worked late, reached hotel almost 9pm, tired, "there's still time tomorrow, sleep early la today"
Night 3 - Worked extra late, reached hotel 12am+, nothing to see and eat on the streets anymore..
Night 4- There's no night 4, already back in Penang, in Lam Hwa Ee visiting a friend..

I blame it all on bad luck screwing up my plans..

When I arrived, I planned, and promised myself, to take a load of pichas of Singapore and the fehmes Changi Airport. But the thing with plans is... you know, they always get screwed up unexpectedly.

It so happened that we were tied up, the transport was late, the customs officer thought that we were Mas Selamat's accomplice or what and insisted on doing a full check on us, end up we only managed to arrive at the airport 2.30pm.

Just enough time to: check in, go to toilet, pass thru immigration, grab a bag of chocolates as souvenir, take nice photos, board the plane..

This is the only thing I have of Changi Airport


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