Monday, July 06, 2009

Simply Decorate Only Lah!

My recent trip back to KL was a very eventful one, but I shall only blog about 1 of the good things that happened...

You see, 1 of my best buddies since secondary school.. let him be known as LMF here, bought his own house.. it is a ~1100sf unit in Ampang Utama Condominium @k@Ampang Boulevard.

Last Sunday, we went to his house for some sort of a mini housewarming gathering. We didn't hold high hopes as he keep saying: "Aiya, nothing to see la, cincai decorate only la! I do myself one, no interior designer involved."

When he opened the door and we stepped in,


Wallpaper from Malaysia's most prominent wallpaper provider - got.
Expensive dining table - got.
Mirror wall - got.

Leather sofa - got!

42 inch flat flat LCD thing- GOT!!!

By now, we are already glaring at him disapprovingly as he still continue to repeat the aiya simply decorate only la bullcrap.

Classy look - got.
High tech electric stove - got.

I missed out an important thing in the kitchen, see left side of the picture, something is standing there...

4 door Hitachi refridgerator - GOT!!!

This is a 3 rooms 2 bathrooms unit, since he is just staying with the girlfriend, he made 1 of the room into office room study room.

Another classy looking wallpaper - got.
Boss type of chair - got!
Sofa bed - got! ... ok la, this 1 not that exciting...

Master bedroom:

3-door closet - got.
Nice comfy bed - got.
Nice curtains - got.

Guest bedroom:

Nice comfy bed - got.
Nice curtains - got.

Erm.. ok la, it's abit anti-climatic... seems like I revealed the most exciting stuff first, and then the least exciting last.. but then... have to go according to the sequence from when I get into the house right?


ThinkING said...

wah... your friend's house really classy ler...he is "too humble".
When is your turn?

RealGunners said...

akan datang...