Friday, August 14, 2009

Amusing Packaging

Saw this in a kedai runcit back in KL... printed on a 10kg rice package...

At first... I was confused with what this 4 words mean...

Because I was reading it like this:

[Automatically] [packed for hygiene]

Wtf?? Does it mean other brands does not automatically packed for hygiene? Then do they automatically packed for dirtiness and just limitedly packed for hygiene?

Of course... after reading it a few times.. I finally managed to see the other way of reading it:

[Automatically packed] [for hygiene]

Now that makes a lot more sense.... hehehehe :P

1 comment:

Viya said...

"[Automatically] [packed for hygiene]"

May be this is really what they mean to tell us that other brands don't really bothered about hygiene :P