Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kinny @ Shogun

You know, it totally sucked when you were told you cannot take photos inside a restaurant...

Maybe they don't know that I'm a blogger... maybe they don't give a fuck on handphone cameras... perhaps they'd be nicer if I'm carrying a big ass Canon instead (pun intended)...

Anyway, the fact remains: I was prohibited to take photos inside Shogun, Sunway Pyramid...

This, is the only photo I managed when I tried to snap the food on offer:

Oh, another one, this one:

Eh?! Sorry wrong picture, above is meant for personal purposes only, ignore it.... :P

Well, since I'm not allowed to take photos on the food on display.. I'll just show you whatever I managed to grab on my plate...

Main course #1

Main course #2


Shark fin soup

Sausage and chicken teppanyaki

大长今硫磺鸭 Dae Jang Gum sulphur duck!!

Desserts and fruits

Ice cream with red bean

Ok, now let's talk about Kinny...

This is Kinny

Kinny is 靓妈 leng ma's daughter, and leng ma is... well... a very good friend of mine la... hehehe..

You know... and in case you didn't know.. Shogun is a buffet restaurant... and you know what Kinny ate?


And this

And some melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain...

That's all...

For her, Shogun is more of a playground than a restaurant.. she was more fascinated running around than sitting down enjoying unlimited food...

I did manage to snap some photos of her though.. most of it curi-curi, although every time I took her picture, she would say: "I somehow know you are taking picture la, so I pose nice nice" ... =.="

Kinny taking photo of the food

She said she wanna take photos of all the food to show grandpa..

Rare occasion - sit down properly for me to take photo, but my hand screwed up, shit!

Leng ma and Kinny eating

"Mama, I go and take more chocolate ok?"

Pretending to be angry


What are they looking at???

Trying to talk secrets away from me.. ishh!!!

Candid camera, donno what they doing hehehe

Last photo:

"Mama you are the best in the world! I love you so much!!!"

Thanks for the day, really enjoyed it very much....

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