Sunday, August 09, 2009

They just might love it!

I was reading this... about the Shah Alam alcohol issue...

For your information, I've worked in Shah Alam before for about 4 months, and my say about it?

You know, I think that politician is just trying to score brownie points among his constituents, but there are really some of the bigots residents in that area who'd be glad to turn that area into Melayu Muslim only territory.

I've blogged about my experience with the bigots before, here...

And, considering that I've already made a post about this fuss, I'll just drop my 5 cents on this matter..

I always tell my friends: I AM A BLOODY RACIST!!

And I'm not ashamed to say that out loud. I mean, I don't hate all Malays, I do respect quite a number of them, heck even my manager is a Malay..

But the majority of them, I just cannot agree with them...

WTF, the only bumiputra on this ragged patch of land called Malaysia is the Orang Asli, you guys originated from Indonesia yourselves, remember? And not very early from us, just around 100-200 years earlier...

Talking about bumiputra rights, you have been openly robbing the truly original indigenious people for the past 50 or so years. Everything that you think you deserved, you didn't, and you have been openly enjoying it for ~50 years, while denying the rights of us... Chinese and Indians alike....

And when we mentioned about freedom and equality, you begin to use terms such as: racial stir, sensitive issues, greedy, trying to challenge ketuanan Melayu.... heck the Melayus themselves are not the bumiputra of this country!

Yes, there are some enlightened Malays, especially in the blogosphere.. there are many enlightened and successful Malays in the corporate world as well (take my manager for example), and yes, the ultimate root cause of this bullshit is the past and present goverment of the same regime that has used divide-and-rule methodology to brainwash us.

What does it matter? The only thing that matters is, our generations, we are already programmed to be racist bigots since birth. Yes you can bullshit about changing the mentality, both sides of the political divide, but... you try to go and ask the Malays in general... and I mean the commoners, not the bloggers...

Tell them: We will remove the special rights for Malays because it is unfair. We will grant special rights to the orang asli because they are the original bumiputras here.

And then guess what will happen? Come next GE, you'd get the big ass boot from these guys...

I don't care about who gets to be in charge of the country. I don't care about the special rights. Heck I don't even care about corruption. Stop daydreaming, THERE IS CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE THERE IS POWER THERE IS CORRUPTION.

I love Mahathir's era. We all know his era is full of corrupt bullshits, but at least, we get the economy growth, we get the outspoken guy who puts our country on the world map, and we get the Twin Tower.

The problem begins when his predecessor comes in, continues the corruption, but screws everybody up in the process. You take and you give. If you take but don't give, that is when problems come.

Like what my company's CEO say: When life is good, everyone closes 1 eye; when times are bad, everyone is disgruntled.


Anonymous said...

My father always says that he Bumiputera special rights are not relevant anymore. To me, it is probably not relevant to Malays, i meant the urban Malays. However, there are still needs on to help those in rural area. (not to offend anyone)I think Chinese are independent. They don't need help on becoming successful. As for other races, help is needed. probably to jump start lah.

anyway, just to clarify things. referring to ur post

I don't know what the fu*k wrong with people there. but all i know is that if the spoon is use to eat pork then we have to wash the spoon with special method called samak, u probably heard that before. but i don't think there is such thing as samak spoon use by people who ate pork. that is just plain bullsh*t. Hope you understand.

BTW, I'm racist too. :) Everyone is.

RealGunners said...

no i don't know samak, and yes, everyone is bloody racist...

welcome to Malaysia :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

The only thing that captured my interest for this post is how Tun Mahathir developed Malaysia. He gave and opened the opportunities to all Malaysian the kind of technology we need to compete with other advance country such as Singapore, Japan, Australia etc.
I was once quite a racist person. But, I eventually came to my senses that all of this achievement won't happen unless we, Malaysians strive for. Be it Chinese, Malays, or Indians (the three major races in Malaysia). I love to brag about us Malaysians because there are no other countries that could live together despite different practice of our religion and our believes. Some Malays, yes I can't deny they are being "subsidized" depending on what kind of situation.

It is also a great thing to see that the Non-Bumiputera are struggling as hard to get yourself a decent qualification or landed an excellent career. I've admired that energy and determination and I for one, is not given any privileges despite being called and brand Bumiputera. How is that fair? And to add a little smirk, we become just as lazy, for the whole lots of reason that you may think of.

So, there is nothing about the Bumiputera title actually. No specialty at all.

In another view, Samak is whereby the Muslims would do to clean utensils, body parts, or any areas that a Muslim wishes to use upon doubt of its' cleanliness status. Pork is haram to the Muslims and therefore any cooking utensils that has been in contact with pork or any other haram meat must be washed according to samak procedure. Samak is carried out to ensure the best cleanliness should Muslims are unsure of the place, utensils, body parts and etc so that we may fulfill our duty as Muslim. But to those non-Muslims, this cleansing procedure is not applicable.

I apologize should I have offended anyone whilst trying to share a little information. I may not be the right person to argue about races and politics but I'm very sure my voice is for one, that says Malaysians. I respect your opinions and your point of views as I understand each and everyone of us have their own thoughts to express. After all, aren't we so called Democratic country? So, Bumiputera or Non-Bumiputera, I'm just as happy to be living among those racist and non-racist because it makes my living more interesting.

Whether or not the Malays robbed the aborigine of their rightful status as the Bumiputera, the Chinese have to struggle hard to universities and to get a job, the Indians felt they have been sidelines for so long and being minored, there are more to this than just racial issues because believe it, the politicians are no longer arguing to give Malaysians the best, but they are more to whose party wins what. And what is there for the rakyat?