Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Truth?

Someone told me over MSN today: "You are an asshole who thrives only on the truth and details. You will never tolerate and half truths or worse, half-baked lies."

Thing is, I thought that the statement could not be more spot on.

I remember sometime ago, another bloke told me this:

"You use your brain too much. Yes, your analytical power is good, and you can always deduce multiple scenarios and come up with correct analysis. Problem is, most of the time, people don't tell the truth, and when you start deducing things based on incomplete truths or lies, you start to tune your behavior to match what you deduced, which are of course not the real situation, and things turn awkward."

So... how now? Should I stop using my brain? But... that's what I'm good at....

And... why don't people just tell the truth? Isn't it easier to tell the truth than challenging your creativity to conjure up magnificent lies and cover ups? Especially among friends, aren't friendships based on the word TRUST? Why do we need the lies and cover ups?

Why.... I wonder.....


ThinkING said...

聪明的人喜欢猜心,虽然每次都猜对了,却失去了自己的心... 傻气的人喜欢给心,虽然每次都被笑了,却得到了别人的心...

Although I have no idea who do you dedicate this post. Just feel this setences suit you :)
Be simple, be happy!!

RealGunners said...

i didn't dedicate this post to who, it is what we call generally speaking =)

thanks for the philosophical quote anyway =)