Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gunners Forever

Soccernet's headline few days ago:

Tottenham's Keane: We're stronger than Arsenal

Ha.ha.ha... Hahahahahaha!!!!
I haven't watched 1 full game of football in a long long time... not even when I was home, home's Astro somehow dropped sports channels for chinese drama channels... last time I tried watching football was at a McD, Arsenal vs ManUre, and the whole restaurant was like Old Trafford, and I didn't last half an hour in there...

I haven't really felt like doing much at all lately... tired with all sorts of things... Today was really a spontaneous decision, I just glanced at the matches available and schedule, and decided to give myself a life today, doing something that I used to enjoy doing... After all, a match against the Hotsoups is something big for the Gunners...

And, I'm glad I watched the game. For a few moments I was afraid that I won't be able to enjoy the game, but these guys proved me wrong...

For the whole match, Hotsoups was outplayed, outpassed, outclassed, and outscored, and big-mouth Keane was nowhere to be seen, until he got substituted after the hour mark when he made his 1st appearance on the TV. Even at 3-0 down, they didn't even try to attack the Gunners, they continue to put 10 men in front of their goal. So much for the London derby. It was supposed to be as big as ManUre - ManCity / Liverpool - Everton, if not bigger...

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm finding my way back...

Gunners Forever!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

20Cents: Parting Ways

I've been forgetting this story for almost 5 months huh... I don't really know how to write this anymore, guess I'll just jump straight to the unhappy part...
Their relationship has never been quite the same as what you expect of most couples. They never mess each other up with their friends. He still go out with his friends, she still go out with her friends, and they never brag about each other in front of their friends, much.

They don't meet up and go dating as much as most couples do. And with the invention of the MSN Messenger, they don't even call each other up much.

But when they do go on dates, every moment was special, every moment was passionate, every moment was loving, every moment was memorable. They never got into quarrels, not even once. And they know each other by heart, to the core. It was as if they were tailor made for each other.

Two years into this relationship, on one rainy day, on a random date, while coming out of the cinema from a movie,

"Gor, I got something wanna tell you. Let's go for drinks"

"What what? Tell now la"

"Dowan la, let's go for a drink la!"

" :S, okok"

Fast forward to Starbucks...

"Gor, I'm going to enter my final year soon"

"Good la, I still got 2 years plus, cham la, you going to graduate faster than me"

"I'm not going to continue my final year here"

"Why ah???"

"The fees too expensive???"

"You remember I joined the uni contest, the prize is scholarship to Melbourne U? I just received offer letter"

". . . . . ."

". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."


"Oh... well... erm..."

"I dowan to go alone, I will miss you terribly one, gor u come with me ok? You apply for uni in Melbourne also la, we work part time together to pay your fees"

"It's not that straightforward one, you know"

"Then I dowan go also la"

"Don't like that la, long term wise, you should go. You don't get a scholarship to study in Australia and give it up just like that, right? How are you going to tell your mom?"

"But... but... :'( "

"You think la, seriously, if you don't go, will you regret when it is too late?"

". . . . . ."

"I know I'll miss you much more terribly than you'll miss me,"... "Impossible"... "but if it is up to me, you should grab this opportunity"

"I don't know..."

"We'll keep in touch, ok? We'll do webcam sessions as much as possible, ok? I'll try to save up and fly over there and visit you, ok?"


"Promise.. unless..."

"Unless what??!!"

"Unless, you manage to bump into some gwai lou that's better than me over there, and you decide to... you know... I won't stand in your way if that might happen... although I don't think I'll bump into anyone better than you... hmm..."

"NO!!! Never!!! Don't suggest that!!!"

"Yala yala!! Never la! Wait you graduate and come back la!"

"But then, I guess I won't stand in your way too if you feel lonely while I'm gone for the 2 years... I feel bad enough to leave you to pursue my dream, I won't want you to suffer because of me..."

"200% Never"

"Ok, never, we're meant for each other ya?"

"Of course"

She left for Melbourne a month later. He did not go and send her off in the airport, firstly is because the family were not supposed to know of their relationship, and secondly is because he was afraid he would not be able to say goodbye.

Deep inside, he knew it was going to be tough...

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I gotta admit, I'm kinda.. fascinated with vampires lately... in fact I almost live like one nowadays: I don't sleep, much, at night; I lost appetite to normal food, I'm easily distracted, I always give in to my worse instincts, I'm always thirsty, and I drink blood.

I've been watching, and re-watching, and re-watching Twilight, Underworld and Underworld: Revolution, again, and again, and again...

I mean, how could you resist any vampire like Selene?

Her outfit does not reveal much of her at all, but I'm positive that many guys find her rather attractive. Actually, I think she's... sexy...

And I'm sure most girls couldn't resist Edward Cullen either, don't tell me otherwise, I've seen you girls losing your heads over him!

I wonder, why are they so attractive as vampires in the movies? I mean, I know Kate Beckinsale and Robert Pattinson are already quite irresistible in their own rights, but once they transformed into vampires, the charm, the gorgeousness, totally blows off into the next level..

And then I realized, it must be the eyes!

He's totally gorgeous, obviously...

It's their eyes that change colors, that electrify people. Their eyes change colors according to their personality, and when they are in a good mood, their eyes turn into charming colors.

That's what makes them so gorgeous compared to humans. Or at least, that was the case.

I came across this Geo Lens few days ago. It's actually a brand of contact lenses, they're from Korea, they're red hot over there, and... and... their lenses come in various colors!

They used to be just available in Korea, but good news to Malaysians, they've made their way to our shores quite recently.

The price is quite reasonable, a pair of them costs RM30.00 and can last you 3-6 months. They're manufactured by a company called GEO Medical, and since they're red hot in Korea, so there should be no safety concerns here.

Here's the Malaysian distributor's site, they call themselves Sekt-District, you can get more info on the product range, pricing, details and everything there.

So far, the customer service has been excellent, so you should have no problems if you want to deal with them.

Now, Everyone Can Fly Be A Vampire!

Ok lah, it's an advertorial lah this post, so what? Even Kenny Sia does it what! Most important is that the product is really good ma :P

Friday, October 23, 2009


It's getting tougher...

Even a mere 8 hours focus a day is getting impossible to command...

What the hell is going on with me???

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I no longer wish for my business trip anymore. And I no longer hope for Geneva. Not if such is the nature of the compensation. The loss is too great.

I'd rather keep both of you and not travel, than travel and lose both your friendship to some stupid mudsling/weird ideas.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Midnight Sun

The Twilight series novels were good, all 4 of them, absolutely got me captivated...

Yet, the best for me is the one unpublished: companion novel for Twilight, the same story told on Edward Cullen's perspective...

Reading the inner struggles of Edward is like reading a mirror portrait of myself, is like staring at my own struggles, it's so similar that it's frightening...

Except that I'm not totally gorgeous, I don't drive ostentatious cars, and I don't feed on blood...

I've already read the draft pdf file that Stephenie Meyer uploaded in her website for 4 times. Now in progress of the 5th time...

It's just halfway complete, wonder which moron leaked the draft to the net midway through completion and pissed the author off completing the book...

Anyway, this is my personal brand of heroine now...

Help yourself too...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Happened to the Tarts??

I went to the cafeteria today intending to grab an egg tart and a chicken pastry, when,

I saw in their usual places,


And this!

What the fuck??!! Where's my egg tarts???!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belanja Makan Session

I made a promise, I'm going to belanja makan to my friends in Penang if I manage to get a job here, as an appreciation for the support and help I received.

Somehow, it didn't quite materialize, due to one reason or another, and soon, my relocation bonus moved on to other purposes. After awhile, we never mention this promise anymore.

But.. I never forgot this promise at all. I was waiting for another chunk of money to come my way before I made the proposal again, and this chunk materialized in the form of my conversion bonus, convert from contract to permanent employee.

Attendees: Me, Cath, Bing, Cannas, WingYew, Abo(LimYuen)
Date Time: 9-Oct-2009 (Friday), 7.00pm

Xuan Xin Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza

Packet Towel RM0.80 each

I think this restaurant is a bit like Dragon-i, those posh Chinese restaurant smack inside a shopping mall.

Snacks RM2.00

Except that it is more towards coziness instead of Dragon-i's grandeur. And the price is cheaper too.

Seasoning provided on the table

There were 6 of us, we ordered a Set For 4, 2 soups, and another ala carte dish.

Steamed Black Chicken Soup with Herbal 药材燉乌鸡汤 RM8.80

Hot n Sour Szechuan Soup 四川酸辣羹 RM6.00

The soups were okay, I personally didn't feel any extraordinarily about them.

Ala Carte @ Braised Bean Curd with Fresh Golden Mushroom

This is quite delectable, the bean curd (or more commonly known as tofu) was cooked till perfectly soft and tangible, gravy taste great, and topped up with nice chunk of vege. I love vege :-)

Set E (recommended for 3-4 pax) - RM48.80

Deep Fried Pork Chop with Black Pepper Sauce 黑椒猪扒王

Crispy Fish Fillet with Salted Egg Yolk (forgot the Chinese name =.=)

Stewed Chicken Cube with Basil Leaf in Claypot 三杯滑鸡煲

There's another Seasonal Vegetable 清炒时菜 where you get to pick from a few choices of vege. I forgot to take the picture of that because it looks quite ordinary.

Oh and the set comes with rice as well..

And forgive me if some of the pictures are quite blurry. You see, I'm still not too familiar with how to fully utilize my new phone's camera capability. Am in the midst of getting used to it.

The food was good, and the environment quite serene. I'd say it's worth the money if you feel like spending a bit more money to have a better meal at a comfortable environment.

And, I know, although I was the one footing the bill,

Thanks mates, for accepting invites and coming. If I get more goodies in the coming future, for example big increment or promotion, then let's do this again ya? :-)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Both Also Taylor What!!

I remember one day, I was having a chatter with someone, he told me: "Taylor Swift is so hawt!"

I scratched my head, thought for a moment, and then asked: "Hey, since when did you turn gay? That dude's hawt??"

He gave me a confused look... "Dude? What dude? What are you talking about?"

I was so out of sync with the angmoh music industry that I thought Taylor Swift was this dude from American Idol...

"Not this fella la you dumbass!!! This fella is Taylor Hicks!!!"

"Oopssss..." Swift, Hicks, Swift, Hicks, both also Taylor what?? So actually Taylor is a girl's name or a boy's name?

Now this one I agree is hawt!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Samsung SGH-J800 Rocks!

Bing was trying out my new phone's camera ability the other day during dinner, when he discovered it could do this:

I don't know what this effect is called, neither do I think it is a very favorable effect. I mean, the lights are supposed to be the speck they are, and not flash around like that, isn't it? At least that what an amateur like me would think.

But he thinks its cool and I suspect his DSLR cannot produce this effect so, yeah, my J800's camera rocks!! Woohoo!!!

What's Wrong with KL???

It was weekend holiday,

And this is how it looked like at the road from nearby my home around 11.00AM...

I thought people are supposed to either sleep it out at home or hangout at happening places...

Is my housing area a happening place???

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


One Year Old already lah!!!

I mean, in the company, exactly today last year...

I totally forgot about it, except yesterday, I received this email from another lady who joined on the same day as me...

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it, already registered for an external training in Advanced Programming in this place...

Today until Friday.... haihzzz...

And, I'll begin my 7 day vegetarian ordeal today.. this is what I had for dinner..

Organic donno-what-bean noodles with vegetables, tomato and vegetarian mutton...

Oops, did I reveal the company's name? I did that on purpose la, don't think it's gonna have much of an impact on anything, I'm just a small fish in there...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pak Sat @ Pasar

The 1st place to really try out my new phone's camera shall be the morning market nearby my home, Taman Muda pasar...

I usually fetch my mom to the pak sat once or twice everytime I come home from Penang.

Terminal Two - T2 ~ nearby the pak sat

This is the place where I spent quite a lot of my Form4/Form5 time in. At that time, it was one of those 'posh cyber cafe', where you can get free drinks and cup noodles and snacks by patronising them. I think they took the concept of AM:PM E-Zone of Midvalley back then.

The pasar nearby my home is quite well known in the Cheras area. We even have people coming from as far as Taman Connaught (which is very far lah!) to shop for groceries every morning...

Look at the crowds

Look at the crowds!

Of course being mooncake festival eve does not help... all the aunties come out in droves!

There were too many people squeezing and haggling around that it was practically impossible to take photos... I did manage to snap a few though...

LVs, Coachi Coachis, Guccis


Huat Kuih and assorted praying kuihs

You look at those huat kuih, you already don't feel like eating it. They are solely for praying purposes. Lately, my mom stops buying them at all, she prefers the pumpkin huat kuih that are much more edible.

In terms of huat kuih, I still prefer Penang's hehehe~

Vegetarian U Jah Kueh (that's how the stall spells it's name)

Reward myself after hard work, carrying mom's groceries, hehe, yum yum yau zhar guai :-P


Was on my way to a dinner meet-up with a couple of friends when I got myself involved in a freak accident. No pictures, I'll just describe it as simply as possible:

Kids play kite at the padang beside the road, kite dropping onto the road, motorbike cut across in front of me, motor rider's neck got tangled by the kite string, motor stopped right in front of me, I braked, not enough, BANG!!!

Tis' what happens to me car

Thank goodness no one was hurt, motor guy got abit of bleeding on his neck.

Motor guy keep saying: "No no I don't blame you, is not your fault, it's those kids playing kites here"


Anyway.... nemind la..

Dinner at Black Canyon, Jusco Maluri. This place specializes in International and Thai cuisine, as well as coffee...

Watermelon Frost

Jamaican Blast (with rum)

I forgot to snap the food.... haihzzz...

It was great, talking, gossiping, laughing... the food was not bad too btw, worth a visit or two...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Toy

I still don't have time to take half decent photos with this gadget, still researching it, only managed these few:

Ze' new phone - Samsung SGH-J800

Ze' old phone - Motorola V3x

J800 has a better shot compared to V3x, but it doesn't have macro mode, and no LED flash :'(

Only time will tell whether I'll be happier or grumpier with this give-and-take situation...

Hopefully I can get the Motorola Service Center to fix my V3x, then I'll have options...

Although I can always buy another Motorola as my 2nd phone...

My room in Penang


Alright, I have some activities coming up over the self-enforced break, shall have more pichas to show off soon, after almost 2 months of camera-less life...