Friday, October 02, 2009

Pak Sat @ Pasar

The 1st place to really try out my new phone's camera shall be the morning market nearby my home, Taman Muda pasar...

I usually fetch my mom to the pak sat once or twice everytime I come home from Penang.

Terminal Two - T2 ~ nearby the pak sat

This is the place where I spent quite a lot of my Form4/Form5 time in. At that time, it was one of those 'posh cyber cafe', where you can get free drinks and cup noodles and snacks by patronising them. I think they took the concept of AM:PM E-Zone of Midvalley back then.

The pasar nearby my home is quite well known in the Cheras area. We even have people coming from as far as Taman Connaught (which is very far lah!) to shop for groceries every morning...

Look at the crowds

Look at the crowds!

Of course being mooncake festival eve does not help... all the aunties come out in droves!

There were too many people squeezing and haggling around that it was practically impossible to take photos... I did manage to snap a few though...

LVs, Coachi Coachis, Guccis


Huat Kuih and assorted praying kuihs

You look at those huat kuih, you already don't feel like eating it. They are solely for praying purposes. Lately, my mom stops buying them at all, she prefers the pumpkin huat kuih that are much more edible.

In terms of huat kuih, I still prefer Penang's hehehe~

Vegetarian U Jah Kueh (that's how the stall spells it's name)

Reward myself after hard work, carrying mom's groceries, hehe, yum yum yau zhar guai :-P


kenwooi said...

never been to any pasar in KL.. =)

Yvonne Yong said...

my godfather used to bring me around this market when i was a kid. he will buy me stickers and then off to the coffee shop, muhibah or something like that, corner shop. then my godmother will nag and say he shouldn't spoil me. sigh, those were the days.. :(.

Adam Lee said...

I like the handbags :D

RealGunners said...

kenwooi: you should :)

Yvonne: you're Ampang ppl too?

Adam: you serious?