Monday, November 23, 2009

20Cents: Reunion

It's been more than 2 years since that fateful day in Starbucks. A lot of things happened in between. They did make massive efforts to maintain the long distance relationship. It's tougher than the usual tough. He can't afford to call her on the phone very frequently due to the costly roaming charges. And the secrecy from the family means he can't do much webcam sessions with her at all.

She settled down in Melbourne well, graduated, and got a job offer from a design firm there. And there's this guy who treats her super nice. She was torn between being faithful and being lonely. In the end, he decided that it was best for her to move on, and encouraged her.

He tried to move on himself, and for the majority of the time, he managed quite well. They still kept in touch though, and they turned from lovers into best friends.


Then, one day, she called him.

"Gor! I'm back home la!"

"Ooo.. ok.. hahaha go shower la! Call me for what? Phone money too much?"
"I mean, I'm back home in Malaysia. I came back for holiday.."


"I'll be around for 2 weeks, let's meet up ok?"

"Of course ok la, when do you wanna meet up?"

"Hmm... today can ah?"

End up, he took leave from work that day, and they went to do something that they never did together before.

He didn't have a car back then, but now that he's working, he got himself a second hand Kancil. They went drive drive to Putrajaya.

And walk walk after seeing enough from the car...

And also talk talk while walk walk-ing...

For that few hours of a day, it felt like how it used to be, how she had never left at all...

And time passed quickly...

They went for dinner at Teppanyaki, Jusco Cheras Selatan... and they shared the food and drinks, just like how it used to be as well...

Out of a sudden,

"Gor, I feel tired of Melbourne."

"You could always come back for holidays, you know. Work is stressful wherever you are."

"It's not the work. It's something else."


"I'm thinking that maybe I wanna move back to Malaysia for good."

". . . . . ." what the fuck is she talking about??

"I got into a quarrel with him."

"Hah?? You quarrel with boyfriend, then you wanna come back?? Don't be rash la, you'll make up for it soon right?"

"Actually, I get into a lot of quarrels with him. We quarreled a lot usually also, but it's getting more and more intense lately."

"Take it easy la... couple sure got quarrel quarrel one... he sayang you one right? You've been through thick and thin overseas together."

"Gor... actually, I miss you..."

". . . . . . . . . . . ."


"You know, I'm speechless... what are you talking about? Don't surprise me by saying these things..."

"I'm not kidding. I thought I moved on, but really, I've never stopped missing you. I know you feel the same too. Why don't we start again? I'll come back and stay in KL."

"Please... you know I miss you too, but please, stop saying these things. You are just in a bad mood because of the quarrel now, calm down first ok? Don't think of doing something rash, you will regret it later one."

"Gor.... why?... Have you move on also?"

"That's not the point. You shouldn't be worrying about me. What's most important is what you really want. Remember why you go to Melbourne? Are you willing to give it up now?"


"I know you don't really wanna come back and be based here. You won't get an offer here that pays you half of what you get over there. It's a big decision, and one which I think you have a higher probability to regret if you make it."

"Won't you miss me at all? Don't you want me anymore?"


"Well? I miss you all the time, I really wish that I didn't get involved that deeply with Melbourne."

"But you did, that's a fact. And... and... I think I've coped quite well so far without your presence."


"Silly girl... don't stress yourself up about the past la. Take your time to relax, I'm sure you'll feel better by the time you head back to Australia :-)"



She left 2 weeks later...

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A sad one....feel wat u been goin tru :)